Monday, April 18, 2016

Change Your Way of Thinking, OR ELSE!

Conservapedia is a wiki, which means it's open to editing on any given subject, just like any other wiki-based website.  But Conservapedia is conservative and Christian, which means, like the Christian baker in Oregon, there's going to be a bunch of left-wing, hate-filled clowns who will come over and attempt to force us to change our way of thinking.  Like what was said here, by a jerk who thinks he can use harassment, threat, and intimidation to get his way:

"The mission:
- infiltrate this (vulgar language censored) wiki by overwhelming it with vandals
- lower morale so that even the parodists here are sick of it.
- Continue until Andrew Schlafly and Ken Demyer and Karajoo die off like TK did.
- Liberate freedom and reality under a new leader."

Judging from the times this and similar edits were made, this little clown is jobless, lives in his parent's basement, expects freebies because he refuses to earn a short, just your typical left-wing nutcase who's shouting to the world the fact that we - meaning us as conservative Christians - are actually right, he is wrong, and he's too stupid to know the difference.  And to top it off he's hoping some of us get killed, which says a lot about his brand of liberal "tolerance and love", which of course is non-existent.  So, if you want a good case of the pities, just watch Conservapedia daily because he will be back to spout off on his daily "liberal tolerance and love" routine. 

And he'll still prove us to be right all the time.

Outside of the confines of a wiki, we have similar things going on, and they're all related.  In Oregon a Christian baker was sued by a lesbian couple for her refusal to bake a cake - a cake that was meant to celebrate a homosexual lifestyle, something the baker was against.  The lesbian couple demanded the baker change her way of thinking.  In Kentucky, and Christian county clerk was jailed for refusing to issue a marriage license to a gay couple, again, something that went directly against her Christian beliefs.  And again, there was a demand for this clerk to change her way of thinking.  And it's happening to other bakers, other clerks, photographers, bed-and-breakfast owners, etc.

As if the First Amendment doesn't exist.

So, we got "religious rights" bills being considered for several states, with the nay-sayers of the liberal left crying foul; those bills are all about discriminating against the LGBT crowd, instead of what they are actually meant to be: protecting a Christian's First Amendment rights should that person reject service to a gay or lesbian when that service directly violates that person's religious beliefs.  If the bills don't get passed, then we will have more cases of "You're going to help celebrate our gay wedding whether you like it or not" routine.

Change your way of thinking, or else, they say.

Well, we Christians already have an answer, and the answer is NO.  It is you liberal lefties - and not us - who need to change your way of thinking.  Period.