Friday, October 30, 2015

Once KGB, Always KGB but....

I have to admit that I hate to support Vladimir Putin. They guy is anti-Democracy at heart as evident by his devotion to Communist USSR of the past. Do people grow and change? Of course, but you know the more things change, the more they stay the same. With that said, I find myself on the same side as Putin on issue after issue. I can actually cheer for his policies time and time again. Meanwhile, there is nothing I can cheer about Obama, nothing in the least. Not one iota.

The Russian people are as free as they ever been in the last 100+ years. The Russian government has moved so far from the USSR that they have a market-based economy. While the transition appears Democratic, it is not. The United Russia party is essentially a one-party government. Putin leads it, then backs successor Medvedev who leads it, then Putin returns to power. At the end of that term, look for Medvedev to return to power. The government of Russia is fiercely nationalist and that has led to taking territory from Georgia, from Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Unsettling and not in the least but not a concern to the national security of the USA. Then there is the the jailing of opponents, the death of opponents abroad, the killing of journalists, and who can forget the arming of Iran?

Where I draw praise for Putin is very important and matters much to me. Christianity is strongly encouraged and pushed. Abortion is outlawed, homosexuality is not permitted a voice. The defense of Christians in the Middle East is more than just symbolic. They are taking an active role in defeating ISIS. Unlike our commander that pussyfoots around, lies, deflects and can't even call a terrorist a terrorist. Obama fights harder against the political right than he does against ISIS. Our president pushes anti-Christian policies, encourages moral breakdown,  an abortion fanatic, a gay-supporting fanatic, a supporter of illegal aliens over American citizens. Obama is a deceitful character that steps on the Constitution and the legacy of a great nation founded by great people. If he could, Obama would hand over this nation to the U.N. in a heartbeat. 500 days left in office will feel like another 7 years in power and is just as dangerous if not more so to the country. He has been wrong so many times, he just might start a war from his incompetence (Search Google about Obama's policy in the South China Sea and his enabling the Iranians to develop nuclear capacity as examples.)

The West is deteriorating rapidly and their leaders are drunk and corrupt. Here comes Putin this week with more sanity than all of them combined, Global Warming is a fraud. I can support that and I do.