Saturday, July 11, 2015

Harming The GOP Brand

Much talk has been circulating regarding the views of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump. He entered the race with a stinging message that was true and not politically correct. This has angered both the Democrats and the Republican establishment.

The Democrats say this will harm the GOP by alienating Latino voters. That his message is racist and toxic. Latinos vote overwhelmingly for Democrat candidates, in the 70% range. Trump never said 'all' Mexicans are rapists, "and, I assume, some good people as well." Plus, he didn't say just Mexicans are crossing border. Trump mentioned Central Americans and people of the Middle East. But that narrative is hidden in favor of lying and calling Trump a racist. Is it racist to say "Mexico is not sending their best and brightest?" Is Trump alluding to the fact that there are good, smart Mexicans? Yes he is and that is far from racist. But Democrats have an agenda, take down the messenger so they don't have to debate the facts. One by one, Univision, NBC, ESPN, Serta Mattress, NASCAR, the PGA, Macy's started to dump Trump by punishing his business. The same standard rubbish excuse given--We can't do business with somebody who doesn't share their beliefs on inclusion and respect for all people. In other words, rapists, drug dealers and gang members deserve inclusion and respect? Stupid. Democrats and their liberal media mouthpieces are experts at harming the GOP brand. The free flow of illegal aliens is what the left stands for, undocumented Democrats, no matter how many innocent Americans lose their lives.

The establishment Republicans are tied in knots. Their constant pandering to crony capitalists who want cheap labor and their failed promise of stopping Obama on executive amnesty has the beltway boys exposed and mad as hell against Trump. He alone has put the topic illegal immigration in the forefront of American politics. The usual Rinos complain he is "Harming the Brand", the GOP can't win without Comprehensive Immigration Reform, his remarks are insensitive and bombastic. All cop-outs. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have all but accomplished "Harming the Brand," with their stepping all over its base and working with the very people who seek to fundamentally transform our nation. They fight harder against conservatives than they do against the most liberal leftwing extremists. For example, the race for governor of Virginia was super close. In fact, if the GOP had assisted Ken Cuccinelli in any meaningful way financially, he would have prevailed. But Cuccinelli is a staunch conservative, so they let the Democrats win. Or the race for a Senate seat in Mississippi. The GOP undermined Chris McDaniel in the most severe way. They financed a campaign of lies and worked directly with Democrats to scare voters to vote Cochran. All because McDaniel is a conservative. Then the biggest scam of all, America gave the Senate to the GOP and retained the U.S. House in order to stop Obama. What does the GOP do? They work directly with Obama and all the campaign bluster was a bunch of lies. They have no intention of stopping Obamacare. They have no intention of repealing executive amnesty. They pass a Trillion dollar budget Obama wanted. They pass a poorly crafted TPP trade deal Obama wanted. They confirm another radical extremist for Obama, Attorney General Lynch for the Justice Department.

Harming the Brand? It's not Donald Trump, that much is certain. Americans are tired of politicians, tired of the games. Both parties ignore the will of the people on immigration issues and they have nobody on their side. Here comes Trump standing with Americans. He will build a great wall on our southern border and Mexico will pay for it.

I can vote for that.

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