Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Fool Said in his Heart

Like it or not, it is a proven fact - and I do mean PROVEN in all caps - that liberals are mentally deranged nutjobs.  Preaching about a love for the environment while throwing trash on a highway; screaming about censorship while they burn books they don't like; claiming the "science is settled" on global warming when the actual scientific evidence states otherwise.

If you want to know just how brain-dead liberals are, here's a video of then signing a petition in which they know absolutely nothing about, except it's got Obama all over it:

And this one, in which they're more than happy to get rid of free speech, free assembly, and everything else covered by the First Amendment:

These are liberals, people.  They believe in stupidity, and making sure others feel their brand of stupid as well.  So if you want a police state based on the Orwellian model, they'll do that too:

And they're very serious on their stupidity.  They support illiteracy in the schools; they actually want stupid kids:

Is there any difference at all between those videos, and this next one?  It's a government police state, doing exactly what the uneducated (read: liberal) masses wanted.

What happened earlier today is a prime example of just how brain-dead liberals are.  Into the site comes a clown who called himself "CedricD".  His IP address is from Great Britain.  For those of you in Otisburg, he's British.  Got it?

He's got to rag on the site as to what he thinks is our intelligence level, and he's got to play around in the articles about Adolf Hitler.  Among his edits is this, what he claims is what the Paper-Hanger was:

"Accept it, he was a christian right winger who criticised (sic) conservatives for being lefties."

Yes, he thinks bad'ol Adolf was Christian, and from the right. 

I won't get into what Adolf was at that time; at the present time he's busy doing his paper-hanging far below, hoping to keep the fires at bay - yeah, he's roasting in hell for those of you in Otisburg.  And if he was Christian, like "CedricD" claimed, he wouldn't be in hell at all.

"A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left."  Ecclesiastes 10:2.  That alone rules out the "right" claim he made for Nazism.

He also said this, again, in one of his trolling rants, and yes, it is based on absolute ignorance:

"Oh I see, Hitler was a liberal because he was a National SOCAILIST (sic) and socialist = liberal. The people of North Korea must have a lot of freedom in their DEMOCRATIC People's Republic. Liberal is an extension of the word liberty but you accuse us of being totalitarian. Conservative has it roots in the word conserve but you conserve nothing! Refuse to conserve the planet and its resources, refuse to conserve life with your gun control and military aggressive stances. Face it, your ideology is dying and the sooner the better. As I said, how about some well rounded comment?"

Not much to argue with here.  After all, every one of these lines "CedricD" said has been successfully refuted, but...well, you just can't fix stupid!

Might as well argue with a rock!

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