Monday, June 15, 2015

Getting Away With It in Liberal Land

David Sweat and Richard Matt, escaped murderers
I and a number of people have stated for years - with 100% accuracy - that liberals are mentally-deranged nutjobs who destroy everything they touch and make the rest of us pay for it. 

Take for example the inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. in January, 2009.  It is documented that of the 1,000,000-plus attendees of the inauguration, 1,000,000-plus of them were liberal.  It is also documented that every single one of them tossed onto the ground 100 tons of trash.  They trashed the place.  At the same time, just what was coming out of their own mouths?

"We liberals just love the environment."

And then there's the State of New York.

You do remember New York.  Used to have a conservative governor; now it's a liberal one named Cuomo.  He hates conservatism, and he demonstrates it repeatedly.  New York City used to have a conservative mayor; now it's a liberal one, someone named DeBlasio, DeBlastoid, DeSantaClaus or something like that.  He hates conservatism as well.

Now, what is the difference between conservatism and liberalism, you might ask?

Conservatism is the tried and tested, against the untried and untested, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln in his Cooper Union speech.  Conservatism is law and order, the protection of traditions, family, church; American values, language, borders, customs.

"As I would not be a slave," Lincoln said, "I would not be a master."  Unfortunately, liberalism demands a master over someone else.  You say something they don't like, they shut you down; they call you racist, they call you hate-filled, they call you bigot.  "Politically correct" speech is controlled speech, invented by liberals to silence others.  They believe in the "master-slave" relationship.  Who do you think picked up the trash that they threw on the ground that day in Washington?  Wasn't them.

Liberalism is about power over others.  Liberalism is about no responsibility and no accountability; they STILL have to blame Bush for almost everything.  If you speak up for traditional marriage, or for Christianity, or for simply raising an American flag on your front lawn, you get sued, you get hate mail, you get slandered, you get libeled, or if you're in the military, you get court-marshaled. 

I did mention "master-slave" relationship.  Only in a liberal society would they prosecute anyone who dares to be a white guy dressing in "blackface", but when it's a white female liberal who pretends to be black and joins the NAACP in Washington State, why, they just have to look the other way; they have to "praise her"; they have to "glorify her".  The liberal always gets away with it.  They have the "good" intentions, or so they say.

So, with that in mind, there's conservative-hating New York, both state and city, under two of the most left-leaning liberals they have ever had.  They both had made sure there was an attack on police officers; they both made sure that criminals were allowed to get away with whatever it was they wanted to do.  White cop kills black man, why he's punished every which way to Sunday, and more; black man kills white cop, he's lauded as a hero.  Black man kills black man, he's ignored.  Large numbers of blacks kill large numbers of other's ignored.  Like in Detroit, like in Chicago, both cities controlled by liberals, both cities with high murder rates.  And they love gun control...where the guns are controlled by criminals that is.

Anyone kills any cop?  The liberal lavishes the praise.

You follow this?  Liberals let criminals get away with it.  Crime is sky-rocketing in New York, and due to control of both state and city by the left-leaning liberal establishment led by Cuomo and DeWhatsHisName.

Liberals let criminals get away with it.

Does that mean that two such criminals - both murderers - who recently escaped from a prison in New York near the Canadian border, will be allowed to just walk away with a pat on the back?  In the liberal mindset, why not?  One of them murdered a sheriff's deputy; should the liberals now give him a trophy as well?  The other dismembered his former boss; should the liberals reward him with a masters degree in the culinary arts?  How about the woman who helped them do it?  A speaking engagement at free love seminars?

And right now other New York citizens are living in fear, the possibility that both of these killers may break into one of their homes and kill them for their car, their clothes, their money, or whatever else the liberal feels they should be allowed to get away with.  The husband of that woman who helped them escape just found out that he was going to be killed by them; will liberals condemn him for finding out?  Will they demand that he be killed?  I wouldn't put it past them, such is the liberal mental derangement that is always on full display.

The fear is multiplied by the fact that it is the liberal - Cuomo, DeFinkelstein, and others like them - are working very hard to remove guns from the citizens' hands.  Will they publicly burn the Constitution next?

Only criminals have rights in their minds.  And it is the liberal who demands they get away with it. 

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