Saturday, May 9, 2015

Minimum Wage And Democrats Are For The Poor Myth

Republicans want to cut taxes to benefit the rich. You've heard it said before. The drone army, programmable Democrat talking points that are just more flat out lies. Repeated over and over again, it becomes ingrained Democrat thinking.

Lean forward and collect an unemployment check.
The truth is that both political parties are for the rich. The only difference is one party gives lip service to the poor, not actual support. Minimum wage is now the Democrat Party presidential race agenda item. Create more jobs? Nah. Raise minimums will end the poor's financial struggle? Absolutely not. Democrats and their class warfare agenda is so easy to laugh at. Millionaire politicians are so out of touch with the needs of average Americans.

The truth is that raising the minimum wage to absurd hourly rates will kill jobs for the very people who need them. Liberal San Francisco and Seattle are learning this first hand. They mandated by Democrat law to raise wages $15. per hour. Businesses close because they can't absorb the added costs. But it sure makes a socialist feel good as they drive their BMW into their gated community.

Minimum wage was never intended to be a lifetime job, it is an entry level position. Obamanomics has the most able body people on government assistance in 3 decades, nearly 94 million people not working. Democrats blame Capitalism when it's their policy that is not free market friendly. In fact, their regulatory burdens placed on the market is making the economy worse. Tax cuts for the rich, as unpleasant as it is made out to be, actually creates jobs because they are small business owners that invest the money into growing business. Redistribute money from those who work to those that don't work is punishing success. In addition, America has had several years of record tax collection. A half of trillion dollars in April and the economy hasn't been this bad since the Great Depression.

In conclusion, things will get worse before they get better because morons are in charge.