Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Trojan Horse, Liberals, and Taqiyya

One writer succinctly put it last year.

"Every single thing liberals say is a lie. No exceptions."

From LBJ's so-called "war on poverty" through Tawana Brawley fictitious rape to Rathergate to John Kerry's smearing of his fellow veterans, all the way through the years to Johnathan Gruber's lies to get Obamacare going, to the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, to Harry Ried's lies to thwart an election, to every single scandal Barack Obama has been involved in, it seems liberals will lie to advance their cause.  The ultimate goal is to make the United States a third world, socialist country, where everyone is miserable and unalienable rights just don't exist.

When that time comes, this little blog and many others similar to it will disappear, causing liberals to jump for joy, but just how long will they be jumping for joy?  If liberals want a socialistic/communistic utopia, how long will it be before the American version of the KGB - a KGB that they created - will come knocking on their doors?  Happened in red China; happened in the Soviet Union; happened in Nazi Germany; happened in fascist Italy; happened in Vietnam, happened in Cuba.  A lot of the biggest supporters of a leftist, socialistic/communistic ideology ended up in a camp or ended up dead, their screams of "I'm one of you!" notwithstanding.

Liars killing liars so their version of lies prevails.  But in the meantime, liberals are brushing off this and similar criticism as though it's nothing to worry about.  No big deal, right?  The social commies they agree with in private "just don't really mean it," or so they delude themselves to say in public.

You ever hear of taqiyya

It's a concept that has is origins with Islam.  What happened to bring this on many years ago was when Muhammed guaranteed a peace treaty for a ten-year period with Mecca; he wanted to conquer the city outright but couldn't, hence the treaty.  This allowed him access to the city, as well as his forces, sort of like a Trojan horse.  Two years into the treaty he broke it, conquered Mecca, and slaughtered those who opposed him.

Taqiyya is authorized deception, authorized lying.  The Qur'an verses 2:225, 3:28, 3:54, 9.3, 16:106, 40:28, 66:2, as well as verses from the Hadith and Islamic law justify using deception against those who are not Muslim.  So, when a rabidly Islamic country states they want to have nuclear power to make ends meet - despite sitting on one of the world's largest oil reserves - you can be sure that it's not to solve their energy needs.

Especially when that country is Iran.  The same Iran who wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  The same Iran who calls America "the great Satan".  The same Iran who states they're not building a nuclear bomb, but they have a working inter-continental ballistic missile capable of reaching Chicago, which just so happens to be missing from the recent "deal" between Iran and the United States under the pompous yet gullible Barack Hussein Obama and his little stooge, John "toss-his-fellow-veterans-off-the-swiftboat" Kerry.  Due to Obama's idiocy (as well as the previous two administrations refusing to take action), a nuclear weapon exploding miles over Chicago will wipe out the power grid - it's called an EMP attack - and the solution is as easy as hardening the grid.  But Obama would rather spend that money on food stamps for all those illegals that he's determined to bring into the U.S. - and certain terrorists crossing the border with them - rather than prevent one third of the country from going dark, or worse. And as a side-note, he's so determined to bring about enmity with Russia over Ukraine that the Russians are now openly talking about sending a nuke of their own into the Yellowstone area, in the hopes it would cause the super-volcano underneath to erupt and bury much of North America.

But of course, the liberals at large simply dismiss all this as "he doesn't really mean it" and other unicorn fluff.  They would rather smoke a joint or hug a tree or worship the dirt Obama walks on, and delude themselves into thinking that their socialistic/communistic utopia is coming, where they can frolic with the unicorns all day long.

Deal or not, the Iranians are busy assembling their version of the Trojan horse.  They're practicing taqiyya because Islam approves it.

The bomb is coming.

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