Thursday, March 26, 2015

Robin Hood in LaLa Land

Robin Hood, as played by Errol Flynn from the 1938 film

In liberal la-la land - or Wackyland, whichever fits better - everything is the opposite.  Up is down, in is out, red is blue, light is dark, right is wrong.  Which is kinda great when you confront a liberal with facts; it's outrageous fun watching their heads explode!

As it was with this guy, online in a chat room somewhere in IRC central, and this guy...I'll call him Otis...decides he wants to pontificate about the need for expanded liberalism, specifically in the raising of taxes so that money can be collected and given to those who like to sit around in their underwear somewhere in Otisburg.  What was it he said?

"We're gonna rob from the rich, and give to the poor."

Wow.  A time honored liberal battle cry.  "And where did that battle cry originate?" I asked.

"Robin Hood."

That's where it came from?  I asked point blank about it's origins, and he said yes, robbing those rich folks and giving the loot to the poor comes from Robin Hood.  He must be correct.  He is a liberal after all.  Don't facts have a liberal bias?

Fine then.  I wanted some names.

"Just who did Robin Hood steal from?"


"They have to have some names, Otis."

"Uhhhh...the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Prince John.  Guy of Gis..."

"And they were...what?"

"Uhhhh, government officials."

And the tax money; I had to ask about the tax money.  "And what exactly did Robin steal from them, and what did he do with it?"

"Uhhhh, it was tax money stolen from the people to make them rich, and Robin merely took it back."

And Otis sat there for a moment or two, letting what he just said sink in, memories of The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn and a cast of a dozen...or did he see the cheaper remake with the Costner guy?  Anyway, when he realized just what he said had the opposite position of what he believed in...well...

"YOU DUMB #4i^%# SUCKWAD$$(*^et^ DIPJERK*&%$& KISS MY $^&&e^ BOOBTWAT@$(&$MEGAoi&^%^$DWEEB*%#^&*......"  the screen just couldn't take the foul language that poured out of Otis' feeble mind - it was just cartoonish, kinda like this individual, imported all the way from Toontown:

So, what's the point?

Robin Hood went up against an abusive, over-taxing central government - the kind of government that steals to line their own pockets, and he returned the tax money back to the people.

Who taxes people up the wazoo?  Liberals.
Who whines and complains about taxes being cut?  Liberals.
Who are some of the richest people in politics as a result?  Liberals.

Who demands tax cuts and the money returned to the people?  Conservatives.

And if you get a swearing, cussing, scatterbrained, latte-drinking, food-stamp abusing whiner who thinks up is down, big is small, left is right, and about to pretend to board the boat for the next save the whales campaign, chances are that he just had a field day snorting up the dust lining the streets of Wackyland.

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