Friday, October 30, 2015

Once KGB, Always KGB but....

I have to admit that I hate to support Vladimir Putin. They guy is anti-Democracy at heart as evident by his devotion to Communist USSR of the past. Do people grow and change? Of course, but you know the more things change, the more they stay the same. With that said, I find myself on the same side as Putin on issue after issue. I can actually cheer for his policies time and time again. Meanwhile, there is nothing I can cheer about Obama, nothing in the least. Not one iota.

The Russian people are as free as they ever been in the last 100+ years. The Russian government has moved so far from the USSR that they have a market-based economy. While the transition appears Democratic, it is not. The United Russia party is essentially a one-party government. Putin leads it, then backs successor Medvedev who leads it, then Putin returns to power. At the end of that term, look for Medvedev to return to power. The government of Russia is fiercely nationalist and that has led to taking territory from Georgia, from Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Unsettling and not in the least but not a concern to the national security of the USA. Then there is the the jailing of opponents, the death of opponents abroad, the killing of journalists, and who can forget the arming of Iran?

Where I draw praise for Putin is very important and matters much to me. Christianity is strongly encouraged and pushed. Abortion is outlawed, homosexuality is not permitted a voice. The defense of Christians in the Middle East is more than just symbolic. They are taking an active role in defeating ISIS. Unlike our commander that pussyfoots around, lies, deflects and can't even call a terrorist a terrorist. Obama fights harder against the political right than he does against ISIS. Our president pushes anti-Christian policies, encourages moral breakdown,  an abortion fanatic, a gay-supporting fanatic, a supporter of illegal aliens over American citizens. Obama is a deceitful character that steps on the Constitution and the legacy of a great nation founded by great people. If he could, Obama would hand over this nation to the U.N. in a heartbeat. 500 days left in office will feel like another 7 years in power and is just as dangerous if not more so to the country. He has been wrong so many times, he just might start a war from his incompetence (Search Google about Obama's policy in the South China Sea and his enabling the Iranians to develop nuclear capacity as examples.)

The West is deteriorating rapidly and their leaders are drunk and corrupt. Here comes Putin this week with more sanity than all of them combined, Global Warming is a fraud. I can support that and I do.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Fool Said in his Heart

Like it or not, it is a proven fact - and I do mean PROVEN in all caps - that liberals are mentally deranged nutjobs.  Preaching about a love for the environment while throwing trash on a highway; screaming about censorship while they burn books they don't like; claiming the "science is settled" on global warming when the actual scientific evidence states otherwise.

If you want to know just how brain-dead liberals are, here's a video of then signing a petition in which they know absolutely nothing about, except it's got Obama all over it:

And this one, in which they're more than happy to get rid of free speech, free assembly, and everything else covered by the First Amendment:

These are liberals, people.  They believe in stupidity, and making sure others feel their brand of stupid as well.  So if you want a police state based on the Orwellian model, they'll do that too:

And they're very serious on their stupidity.  They support illiteracy in the schools; they actually want stupid kids:

Is there any difference at all between those videos, and this next one?  It's a government police state, doing exactly what the uneducated (read: liberal) masses wanted.

What happened earlier today is a prime example of just how brain-dead liberals are.  Into the site comes a clown who called himself "CedricD".  His IP address is from Great Britain.  For those of you in Otisburg, he's British.  Got it?

He's got to rag on the site as to what he thinks is our intelligence level, and he's got to play around in the articles about Adolf Hitler.  Among his edits is this, what he claims is what the Paper-Hanger was:

"Accept it, he was a christian right winger who criticised (sic) conservatives for being lefties."

Yes, he thinks bad'ol Adolf was Christian, and from the right. 

I won't get into what Adolf was at that time; at the present time he's busy doing his paper-hanging far below, hoping to keep the fires at bay - yeah, he's roasting in hell for those of you in Otisburg.  And if he was Christian, like "CedricD" claimed, he wouldn't be in hell at all.

"A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left."  Ecclesiastes 10:2.  That alone rules out the "right" claim he made for Nazism.

He also said this, again, in one of his trolling rants, and yes, it is based on absolute ignorance:

"Oh I see, Hitler was a liberal because he was a National SOCAILIST (sic) and socialist = liberal. The people of North Korea must have a lot of freedom in their DEMOCRATIC People's Republic. Liberal is an extension of the word liberty but you accuse us of being totalitarian. Conservative has it roots in the word conserve but you conserve nothing! Refuse to conserve the planet and its resources, refuse to conserve life with your gun control and military aggressive stances. Face it, your ideology is dying and the sooner the better. As I said, how about some well rounded comment?"

Not much to argue with here.  After all, every one of these lines "CedricD" said has been successfully refuted, but...well, you just can't fix stupid!

Might as well argue with a rock!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Harming The GOP Brand

Much talk has been circulating regarding the views of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump. He entered the race with a stinging message that was true and not politically correct. This has angered both the Democrats and the Republican establishment.

The Democrats say this will harm the GOP by alienating Latino voters. That his message is racist and toxic. Latinos vote overwhelmingly for Democrat candidates, in the 70% range. Trump never said 'all' Mexicans are rapists, "and, I assume, some good people as well." Plus, he didn't say just Mexicans are crossing border. Trump mentioned Central Americans and people of the Middle East. But that narrative is hidden in favor of lying and calling Trump a racist. Is it racist to say "Mexico is not sending their best and brightest?" Is Trump alluding to the fact that there are good, smart Mexicans? Yes he is and that is far from racist. But Democrats have an agenda, take down the messenger so they don't have to debate the facts. One by one, Univision, NBC, ESPN, Serta Mattress, NASCAR, the PGA, Macy's started to dump Trump by punishing his business. The same standard rubbish excuse given--We can't do business with somebody who doesn't share their beliefs on inclusion and respect for all people. In other words, rapists, drug dealers and gang members deserve inclusion and respect? Stupid. Democrats and their liberal media mouthpieces are experts at harming the GOP brand. The free flow of illegal aliens is what the left stands for, undocumented Democrats, no matter how many innocent Americans lose their lives.

The establishment Republicans are tied in knots. Their constant pandering to crony capitalists who want cheap labor and their failed promise of stopping Obama on executive amnesty has the beltway boys exposed and mad as hell against Trump. He alone has put the topic illegal immigration in the forefront of American politics. The usual Rinos complain he is "Harming the Brand", the GOP can't win without Comprehensive Immigration Reform, his remarks are insensitive and bombastic. All cop-outs. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have all but accomplished "Harming the Brand," with their stepping all over its base and working with the very people who seek to fundamentally transform our nation. They fight harder against conservatives than they do against the most liberal leftwing extremists. For example, the race for governor of Virginia was super close. In fact, if the GOP had assisted Ken Cuccinelli in any meaningful way financially, he would have prevailed. But Cuccinelli is a staunch conservative, so they let the Democrats win. Or the race for a Senate seat in Mississippi. The GOP undermined Chris McDaniel in the most severe way. They financed a campaign of lies and worked directly with Democrats to scare voters to vote Cochran. All because McDaniel is a conservative. Then the biggest scam of all, America gave the Senate to the GOP and retained the U.S. House in order to stop Obama. What does the GOP do? They work directly with Obama and all the campaign bluster was a bunch of lies. They have no intention of stopping Obamacare. They have no intention of repealing executive amnesty. They pass a Trillion dollar budget Obama wanted. They pass a poorly crafted TPP trade deal Obama wanted. They confirm another radical extremist for Obama, Attorney General Lynch for the Justice Department.

Harming the Brand? It's not Donald Trump, that much is certain. Americans are tired of politicians, tired of the games. Both parties ignore the will of the people on immigration issues and they have nobody on their side. Here comes Trump standing with Americans. He will build a great wall on our southern border and Mexico will pay for it.

I can vote for that.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Liberalism from the Sewer

During Obama's Administration we have had several incidents in which lives were lost because some nutcase decided to pack a gun, and what happened in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015 is no different.  Nine people are dead after a gunman walked into a predominately black church, sat for about an hour listening to a Bible study, then got up and opened fire.

And in the hours before he was captured, the liberal establishment just had to get up and state that he was from the right, like every other time before.  Our website is no different in attracting liberal attention, and this clown has to come in and post the following:

I am unfamiliar with American English but does "Sparse" in BE translate to "bigtime" in AE? I can find no evidence that he was a video game player, please enlighten me? Also you miss out some relevant facts, mainly that the weapon used was legally owned by the alleged shooter and was obtained without background checks which would have confirmed he was a right wing, yes right wing, fanatic. No gun no murder, relevant background checks, no murder. --AeyupT 18:29, 18 June 2015 (EDT)
PS. Andy, I thought you a supporter of Apartheid? Your comments around the time of Mandela's death would suggest this. So this young fanatic had similar views to you. Worm out of that one.--AeyupT 18:32, 18 June 2015 (EDT) 

What this guy is attempting to do is, one: declare that we as a website are racist in our outlook and beliefs, and two: declaring that the shooter was "right wing, yes right wing, fanatic" solely by the fact that he had in his possession a legally-owned gun.

I am not going to speculate on whether or not the alleged shooter - Dylann Roof - was a video game fanatic or spent his time snorting coke up the wazoo; I don't know his personal life.  The only thing that can be gleaned with any reasonable certainty is the facts already established.  As for the moron who posted the above edit in Conservapedia, people need to give him a phone call; he might have the winning numbers to the next Powerball game, or could demonstrate time-travel or have a cancer cure or have whatever else constitutes the bovine scatology that he pulled out of his front yard sewer.

But let's see if the facts of the incident reveal right-wing, aka conservative, or liberal ideology at play here.

Fact number one: the alleged shooter was racist.
Yep, he hates blacks.  That seems to be indisputable.  He shot nine of them dead in a church, told the survivors that he wanted a race war because "black people are taking over the country".  His Facebook page showed him wearing a jacket with the flags of Rhodesia and South Africa, both during the days of apartheid when blacks were subjected to white rule and made to be stepped on.  He also sported a license plate on the front of his car, which said "Confederate States of America"; it had images of Confederate flags as well.  It means he supported the slave-owning ideology of the Confederate South prior to and during the Civil War.

Now, is this racism a conservative trait, or a liberal trait?  This country was founded on the prospect that all men are created equal, but there were slaves in America at the time those words were written; our Founding Fathers had hoped that slavery would gradually die off, but within a generation of 1776 the Democratic Party wanted to keep slaves, spread slavery, fight like hell to hold on to slavery, and when they lost the Civil War they created the "Jim Crow" laws, the Ku Klux Klan, segregation, and anything else to remind American blacks who was the "masters".  This master-slave mentality still permeates Democrats today, and a great many liberals right now, or didn't you hear about "politically correct" speech, the forced removal of Bibles from our schools, or blacks shooting each other in droves in Democrat-controlled cities like Detroit and Chicago?  How about liberals like former Congressman Barney Frank, who thinks "watermelon" should be handed to blacks in exchange  for their votes?

Yes, racism is a liberal trait, and a liberal rule.

Fact number two: the alleged shooter hated God.
Yes, that's also indisputable.  If he can walk into a church, stay a spell, then get up and kill, he demonstrates that he has no fear of God at all, or does not believe in Him in any way whatsoever.  That makes him an atheist.  Who is it right now that is working overtime to prevent you from carrying a Bible in school?  Who is working overtime to prevent you from preaching in a public park?  Who is working overtime to keep firestations or city halls or police departments from displaying a Christmas tree?  What kind of individual is it that will sue you if you carried out your First Amendment rights to religion?  It isn't the conservative who's doing it; it's the liberal.  It's isn't the conservative who's shoving the atheist "no God" doctrine down our throats; it's the liberal.

Yes, atheism is a liberal trait.  Hatred of church is a liberal trait.

Fact number three: the "gun free zone"
Who are the champions of "gun free" zones?  Liberals are.  They don't want anyone with a gun anywhere near where these zones are - anyone who's a law-abiding citizen, that is.  And they make these laws to keep it that way, and this includes the church in Charleston where the shooting took place.  South Carolina code  Ann.§ 23-31-215 specifically states that no one is allowed to carry a gun "...on school premises (including day care and preschool facilities), in law enforcement offices or facilities, in court facilities, at polling places on election days, in churches or other religious sanctuaries, or in hospitals or medical facilities."  The shooter couldn't have cared less about that law, or any other law he broke the moment he pulled out his weapon.

Unfortunately, the creation of a law that prevents a law-abiding citizen from pulling out his own weapon and stopping that shooter cold is a liberal trait.

Fact number four: the shooter's hypocrisy
This is also indisputable.  He hated blacks, but of his 82 friends on his Facebook page, one third of them were black.  Now, how could he be racist like that and still have black friends?  At the very least, he's a liar; at worst, he's a hypocrite, saying one thing and doing another, the murders notwithstanding.  In Conservapedia we've stated numerous times - and backed it up by evidence - just how hypocritical liberals can be, and how much lying they can actually do.  It is deplorable when anyone does it, and by right it should be condemned, but it has to be noted that lying and hypocrisy is the rule with liberals.  They expect to get away with both.

So there it is, a despicable individual who murdered nine in cold blood, and a moronic, no-nothing clown has to frame him as a right-wing fanatic when he was following the policies and rules set down on the liberal side of the fence.  Racism, hatred of God and church, hatred of your fellow man, rules keeping fellow citizens from mounting a defense against such people, lying and hypocrisy, all come from that sewer called liberalism.  Whether or not they like to hear it is their problem, but we will tell it like it is.

Maybe some common sense drilled into their cement heads will prevent another mass shooting from taking place.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Isn't That Amazing!

I want you to picture this in your mind.  You're watching television, late at night.  You're bored, you have insomnia, and the Tonight Show is over with.

You turn it to the Science Channel.  Liberals love the Science Channel.

The program that's on is How It's Made, where you learn how shirt buttons, dry dog food, air mattresses, and walk-behind lawn mowers are made.  That should be sufficient to bore you right to sleep.

You're done with the shirt buttons, then a commercial.

Since this is late at night, this is no ordinary commercial; it's an infomercial, with what appears to be the same loud-mouthed fast talking salesguy who did the infamous "Moxy-Clean" or "Veg-A-Matik" or "Maxi-Hair" or some stupid appliance that is always vital to home kitchen operations.  It's something that a liberal would concoct.

And in short, YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!


The amazing wonder drug you've been waiting for!  It doesn't slice, dice, whip, puree, or does anything for you within the kitchen.

Are you tired of the at-home drudgery?  Do you long to be served on a silver platter?  Do you long years for a better you?  Do you want to be the life of the party?

Introducing Don Soreal's "Lib-A-Change".  Yes, "Lib-A-Change", where your half-witted dreams of being a blithering idiot liberal become a reality.  Packed with B-vitamins and Don's secret sauce, why you can change from....

An Olympic gold medal he-man athlete to the sexiest woman alive!

A white woman to a black woman and there and back again!

A white woman to Native American to the U.S. Senate!

Cop killer to national celebrity, death row optional!

You'll be the most popular guy - or gal, or both - on the block with "Lib-A-Change".  Isn't that amazing!

Act now and we'll send as a free gift to you a stack of 24 MEGA-JOINTS, grown from the finest Colorado pot dealers in the state.  Call within one hour and we'll DOUBLE THE OFFER!  That's right, a whopping TWO bottles of "Lib-A-Change" and 48 MEGA-JOINTS, all with our money-lost guarantee, and guaranteed access to both bathrooms anywhere in North America!

And it's only yours for 23 easy payments of $595.95; food stamp and major credit cards are accepted!"

After watching that commercial, you chuck a brick through the screen - if you're a conservative.  If you're a liberal, why, you search the pants, pull out the wallet, and phone the number on the back of the food stamp card.

Gotta check your balance!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Getting Away With It in Liberal Land

David Sweat and Richard Matt, escaped murderers
I and a number of people have stated for years - with 100% accuracy - that liberals are mentally-deranged nutjobs who destroy everything they touch and make the rest of us pay for it. 

Take for example the inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. in January, 2009.  It is documented that of the 1,000,000-plus attendees of the inauguration, 1,000,000-plus of them were liberal.  It is also documented that every single one of them tossed onto the ground 100 tons of trash.  They trashed the place.  At the same time, just what was coming out of their own mouths?

"We liberals just love the environment."

And then there's the State of New York.

You do remember New York.  Used to have a conservative governor; now it's a liberal one named Cuomo.  He hates conservatism, and he demonstrates it repeatedly.  New York City used to have a conservative mayor; now it's a liberal one, someone named DeBlasio, DeBlastoid, DeSantaClaus or something like that.  He hates conservatism as well.

Now, what is the difference between conservatism and liberalism, you might ask?

Conservatism is the tried and tested, against the untried and untested, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln in his Cooper Union speech.  Conservatism is law and order, the protection of traditions, family, church; American values, language, borders, customs.

"As I would not be a slave," Lincoln said, "I would not be a master."  Unfortunately, liberalism demands a master over someone else.  You say something they don't like, they shut you down; they call you racist, they call you hate-filled, they call you bigot.  "Politically correct" speech is controlled speech, invented by liberals to silence others.  They believe in the "master-slave" relationship.  Who do you think picked up the trash that they threw on the ground that day in Washington?  Wasn't them.

Liberalism is about power over others.  Liberalism is about no responsibility and no accountability; they STILL have to blame Bush for almost everything.  If you speak up for traditional marriage, or for Christianity, or for simply raising an American flag on your front lawn, you get sued, you get hate mail, you get slandered, you get libeled, or if you're in the military, you get court-marshaled. 

I did mention "master-slave" relationship.  Only in a liberal society would they prosecute anyone who dares to be a white guy dressing in "blackface", but when it's a white female liberal who pretends to be black and joins the NAACP in Washington State, why, they just have to look the other way; they have to "praise her"; they have to "glorify her".  The liberal always gets away with it.  They have the "good" intentions, or so they say.

So, with that in mind, there's conservative-hating New York, both state and city, under two of the most left-leaning liberals they have ever had.  They both had made sure there was an attack on police officers; they both made sure that criminals were allowed to get away with whatever it was they wanted to do.  White cop kills black man, why he's punished every which way to Sunday, and more; black man kills white cop, he's lauded as a hero.  Black man kills black man, he's ignored.  Large numbers of blacks kill large numbers of other's ignored.  Like in Detroit, like in Chicago, both cities controlled by liberals, both cities with high murder rates.  And they love gun control...where the guns are controlled by criminals that is.

Anyone kills any cop?  The liberal lavishes the praise.

You follow this?  Liberals let criminals get away with it.  Crime is sky-rocketing in New York, and due to control of both state and city by the left-leaning liberal establishment led by Cuomo and DeWhatsHisName.

Liberals let criminals get away with it.

Does that mean that two such criminals - both murderers - who recently escaped from a prison in New York near the Canadian border, will be allowed to just walk away with a pat on the back?  In the liberal mindset, why not?  One of them murdered a sheriff's deputy; should the liberals now give him a trophy as well?  The other dismembered his former boss; should the liberals reward him with a masters degree in the culinary arts?  How about the woman who helped them do it?  A speaking engagement at free love seminars?

And right now other New York citizens are living in fear, the possibility that both of these killers may break into one of their homes and kill them for their car, their clothes, their money, or whatever else the liberal feels they should be allowed to get away with.  The husband of that woman who helped them escape just found out that he was going to be killed by them; will liberals condemn him for finding out?  Will they demand that he be killed?  I wouldn't put it past them, such is the liberal mental derangement that is always on full display.

The fear is multiplied by the fact that it is the liberal - Cuomo, DeFinkelstein, and others like them - are working very hard to remove guns from the citizens' hands.  Will they publicly burn the Constitution next?

Only criminals have rights in their minds.  And it is the liberal who demands they get away with it. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Liberals love hate

Don't you just love being right sometimes?

Oh the feeling of it all.  The debate.  The proof.  The clear victory.  The sight of your opponent being turned in to a whimpering blob of jelly before he screams obscenities at you.  That's when you know he lost the argument.  The obscenities.  The name-calling.  Good liberal stra-tee-gee.  Hurl the insults when you lose.

Like it really matters.

So, I'm sitting here and out comes the insults from a troll who's just got to hide his tracks in whatever part of the internet he has to hide in.  He must have lost the argument some time ago, so now he has to break into the site and say this collection of words that are classics from the self-proclaimed "tolerant" left:

Rot in hell, Jewboy. Also, have you completely stopped making any "constructive" edits? -h@xx0r1997 NamRed

Or this one:
This gets more fun each time I do it. Cry yourself to sleep Karajew -h@xxx0r1997 

Or this one:
Hey hey Karajew. How dey hangin? I'm having so much fun here. I'll stick around. -h@xx0r1997 Drgonzo

Or this one:
Aren't you tired of banning me? Not bad for a 50 year old technologically inept Navyfag. Actually pulling my IP. I'm a g0@ts3 exorcist from India.I can help with your jewg0ld problem. Sincerely, BobbySands

As you can tell from these, he's a hate-filled liberal with a bigotry problem.  Antisemitic.  He hates Jews.  Just like a Nazi.  Ain't it great?  A liberal Nazi has just proven our point.

We always hear from the liberal media just how tolerant liberals are.  Like Mylee...uh,, Mylar...that Cyrus kid, posted in a magazine today; she just had to strip down and call her own parents "conservative-ass mother--kers."  Why?  For the crime of being Christian, it seams.  That's the new thing these days, the tolerant, loving liberal left going after Christians.  Such a paradox. 

It is because they hate.  They hate with a passion that has no bounds.  They hate your thoughts, your speech, your religion, your property; if they can't steal it or burn it down, they try to elect some other clown to office so he could use a fountain pen to take it away.  And when these liberal clowns do cast that vote for their "man" to help run our lives into the ground, it is through this "man" that these individual liberals speak with their little minds as one mind.

A racist, hate-filled mind.

Just watch the video.  Former liberal Democrat Congressman Barney Frank and his "husband" and a bunch of others show off just how racist they really are. 

They offer watermelon to blacks for their votes.  They might as well pull out the "N"-word, such is their contempt for black Americans. 

But then again, they are the tolerant, loving liberal left.

They love hating so much it's disgusting.  Proving us to be right once again!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Minimum Wage And Democrats Are For The Poor Myth

Republicans want to cut taxes to benefit the rich. You've heard it said before. The drone army, programmable Democrat talking points that are just more flat out lies. Repeated over and over again, it becomes ingrained Democrat thinking.

Lean forward and collect an unemployment check.
The truth is that both political parties are for the rich. The only difference is one party gives lip service to the poor, not actual support. Minimum wage is now the Democrat Party presidential race agenda item. Create more jobs? Nah. Raise minimums will end the poor's financial struggle? Absolutely not. Democrats and their class warfare agenda is so easy to laugh at. Millionaire politicians are so out of touch with the needs of average Americans.

The truth is that raising the minimum wage to absurd hourly rates will kill jobs for the very people who need them. Liberal San Francisco and Seattle are learning this first hand. They mandated by Democrat law to raise wages $15. per hour. Businesses close because they can't absorb the added costs. But it sure makes a socialist feel good as they drive their BMW into their gated community.

Minimum wage was never intended to be a lifetime job, it is an entry level position. Obamanomics has the most able body people on government assistance in 3 decades, nearly 94 million people not working. Democrats blame Capitalism when it's their policy that is not free market friendly. In fact, their regulatory burdens placed on the market is making the economy worse. Tax cuts for the rich, as unpleasant as it is made out to be, actually creates jobs because they are small business owners that invest the money into growing business. Redistribute money from those who work to those that don't work is punishing success. In addition, America has had several years of record tax collection. A half of trillion dollars in April and the economy hasn't been this bad since the Great Depression.

In conclusion, things will get worse before they get better because morons are in charge.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sinning and Sweet Cakes


Once upon a time, a group of men dragged a woman in a Jerusalem street, and dropped her before a man seated against a wall, a man who busied himself with poking a finger around in the dirt rather than look up at the men.

The crowd looked at him for a moment, and one of them said "this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act."

The seated man - Jesus - still did nothing.  So a question was directed at him. 

"Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?"

Then Jesus looked up, looked at everyone in the crowd directly, and said "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."

That was in the Gospel of John, chapter 8.  It's also one of the New Testament passages that liberals repeatedly cite for Jesus' level of tolerance.  He did forgive the woman for adultery.

But what else did He say?  That's important, because He said it a lot throughout the Gospels.

"Sin no more."  Translated into modern English from the language of the King James, and you get this:

"Don't sin anymore!"  "QUIT SINNING!"  

Got that, people?  The Bible speaks against sin of any kind, and sin includes homosexuality.  God made the gay person, but He never made him gay.  God made the thief, but He never made him steal; God made get the picture.

So, what is the point of this:  Before I get to that, here is the first marriage, way back when it involved Adam and Eve:

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. (Genesis 2:24)

Now, what did Jesus say about marriage?

And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,
And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?
Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (Matthew 19:4-6)

Did anyone in the Bible support the notion of Adam and Steve?  No.  In fact, you cannot find anything in the Bible where it is authorized; you can find plenty in there condemning it, but absolutely nothing supporting it.  So if anyone begs to differ, well, they just haven't read the Bible, or they prefer to pick and choose and twist.

So, the only remedy is to renounce the sin - get rid of it, let go of it, throw it in the trash can - and allow Jesus to be your savior.  That's what Peter said to do in Acts 2:38; that's what Paul said to do throughout most of the New Testament.  And I'm not singling out homosexuality as the only sin here.  If you hate people, if you curse, backbite, steal, murder, jaywalk, sput on someone, swipe so much as a paperclip from someone's desk, well, that's just as much sin as the gay act in God's eyes.  And if you don't renounce it, if you don't accept Jesus, you're just not a Christian, and you will never get eternal life in Heaven.  Period.

So, there's Melissa, the sweet cake maker.  She decided not to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple, a cake that clearly stated a celebration of their "marriage."  Why?  Because as a Christian she would have been forced to abandon her beliefs and support something that is clearly in violation of God's laws. 

The state of Oregon claimed discrimination against the homosexual couple.  Melissa was charged, fined, sued, called filthy words, received death threats, and so on.  

Here's what an outsider is clearly seeing.  Oregon passed a law that says you cannot discriminate against anyone while operating a business.  This law apparently DEMANDS you set aside your personal religious beliefs when dealing with a customer, or else.

The Oregon law is also unconstitutional, and the last time this writer read it, Article 6 of the Constitution clearly says:

This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.

The Constitution sits OVER the state laws of Oregon; it's supremacy cannot be challenged, unless Oregon chooses to leave the Union.  Fat chance on that happening.

And if the Constitution is supreme over Oregon laws, Melissa and anyone else like her cannot be made to violate her own religious beliefs.  The First Amendment:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Melissa has a right to religion.  Melissa has a right to free speech.  Melissa has a right to assemble with like-minded people.  So, you people in Oregon, and those people who like to spit upon Melissa, who authorized YOU to remove those First Amendment rights from her? 

While you're sitting there spouting off obscenities at a baker, you're forgetting there's going to be a higher showdown later, in the Supreme Court.

And while you're sitting there demanding Melissa cave in to what your "version" of Christianity should be, you forget that the individual whom you claim is all "love and tolerance" will sit in judgement against you, and it will be based on your own rejection of Him; your own hatred, intolerance, and bigotry directed against Christians in general and Melissa in particular will definitely be used against you.

So, quit the sinning and accept Him.  The offer is free.

But the offer expires when you do.  And when that happens, it's too late.


If you want to order any of those sweet cakes, her site is here:


Friday, April 24, 2015

Income Inequality, The Nonsense From Liberals Is Neverending.

America has a unique role in the world when it comes to the rights of their people. The specific word "equality" does not appear anywhere in either the Declaration or in the Constitution. You will find the word "equal" as in all men are created equal and the equal protection of the laws. Equality is nowhere to be found and for good reason. It's an invention of liberals and Marxists.
Mindless drones demand more money.

Income Inequality is pushed relentlessly by rich Democrats, which is irony of the first degree. They claim to be for the poor and for the middle class while being driven around in limos and eating caviar in their $10 million dollar home. Those people are truly hypocrites but even worse, they are fascists. Their policies, their push is hurting the very people they claim to defend. Anybody that studied Marxism knows that the caste system, classifying people according to their wealth, creates resentment and division. This furthers the liberal agenda to create an endless stream of victims that need to rely on Democrats for help. It's their standard method of operation. We are not all Americans as the term equal in the Constitution refers. According to Democrats, we are rich/poor, we have white/black skin pigmentation, skilled/unskilled, we are victims/winners. It's bullcrap but common thinking from liberals.

Equality of opportunity is the only true use of the word that is non-divisive. Everybody has a fair shot to be what they want, to pursue their dreams. The world has had poor and rich from the beginning and it shall be that way until the end. Hate and envy of others does nothing to improve your life. Self determination, freedom and liberty is the best system available. Capitalism not Marxism is the champion of equality. 

For equality of incomes, look no further than to Cuba and North Korea. Everybody is equally poor and miserable. They just so happen to be Communist nations, what a coincidence.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Trojan Horse, Liberals, and Taqiyya

One writer succinctly put it last year.

"Every single thing liberals say is a lie. No exceptions."

From LBJ's so-called "war on poverty" through Tawana Brawley fictitious rape to Rathergate to John Kerry's smearing of his fellow veterans, all the way through the years to Johnathan Gruber's lies to get Obamacare going, to the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, to Harry Ried's lies to thwart an election, to every single scandal Barack Obama has been involved in, it seems liberals will lie to advance their cause.  The ultimate goal is to make the United States a third world, socialist country, where everyone is miserable and unalienable rights just don't exist.

When that time comes, this little blog and many others similar to it will disappear, causing liberals to jump for joy, but just how long will they be jumping for joy?  If liberals want a socialistic/communistic utopia, how long will it be before the American version of the KGB - a KGB that they created - will come knocking on their doors?  Happened in red China; happened in the Soviet Union; happened in Nazi Germany; happened in fascist Italy; happened in Vietnam, happened in Cuba.  A lot of the biggest supporters of a leftist, socialistic/communistic ideology ended up in a camp or ended up dead, their screams of "I'm one of you!" notwithstanding.

Liars killing liars so their version of lies prevails.  But in the meantime, liberals are brushing off this and similar criticism as though it's nothing to worry about.  No big deal, right?  The social commies they agree with in private "just don't really mean it," or so they delude themselves to say in public.

You ever hear of taqiyya

It's a concept that has is origins with Islam.  What happened to bring this on many years ago was when Muhammed guaranteed a peace treaty for a ten-year period with Mecca; he wanted to conquer the city outright but couldn't, hence the treaty.  This allowed him access to the city, as well as his forces, sort of like a Trojan horse.  Two years into the treaty he broke it, conquered Mecca, and slaughtered those who opposed him.

Taqiyya is authorized deception, authorized lying.  The Qur'an verses 2:225, 3:28, 3:54, 9.3, 16:106, 40:28, 66:2, as well as verses from the Hadith and Islamic law justify using deception against those who are not Muslim.  So, when a rabidly Islamic country states they want to have nuclear power to make ends meet - despite sitting on one of the world's largest oil reserves - you can be sure that it's not to solve their energy needs.

Especially when that country is Iran.  The same Iran who wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  The same Iran who calls America "the great Satan".  The same Iran who states they're not building a nuclear bomb, but they have a working inter-continental ballistic missile capable of reaching Chicago, which just so happens to be missing from the recent "deal" between Iran and the United States under the pompous yet gullible Barack Hussein Obama and his little stooge, John "toss-his-fellow-veterans-off-the-swiftboat" Kerry.  Due to Obama's idiocy (as well as the previous two administrations refusing to take action), a nuclear weapon exploding miles over Chicago will wipe out the power grid - it's called an EMP attack - and the solution is as easy as hardening the grid.  But Obama would rather spend that money on food stamps for all those illegals that he's determined to bring into the U.S. - and certain terrorists crossing the border with them - rather than prevent one third of the country from going dark, or worse. And as a side-note, he's so determined to bring about enmity with Russia over Ukraine that the Russians are now openly talking about sending a nuke of their own into the Yellowstone area, in the hopes it would cause the super-volcano underneath to erupt and bury much of North America.

But of course, the liberals at large simply dismiss all this as "he doesn't really mean it" and other unicorn fluff.  They would rather smoke a joint or hug a tree or worship the dirt Obama walks on, and delude themselves into thinking that their socialistic/communistic utopia is coming, where they can frolic with the unicorns all day long.

Deal or not, the Iranians are busy assembling their version of the Trojan horse.  They're practicing taqiyya because Islam approves it.

The bomb is coming.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hot Time in Antarctica?

Oh goody, the big news is in for the global warming crowd.

Antarctica sets a temperature record.  It's a whopping 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit down there!

People can now flock to Antarctica in their thongs now, and do some surfing, sun bathing, kayaking, saving some whales, whatever pleases the liberal crowd these days.  Maybe they can grow a crop of weed while they're at it as well, and spray the stuff with penguinicide; those fat, weable birds just love getting into that stuff.

Yesserie, it's big news.  The liberal rag TIME covered it immediately, "all thanks to global warming" they said.  It beat a record set yesterday at the same spot (63.3 deg. F), and both beat a record set more than 50 years 1961.

But what's important about this story is what's missing, and what's kinda buried at the bottom of it.

Buried at the bottom is the location.  These libby rags want to imply that it's the whole continent that's warming up, rather than that little-bitty place they took the temp reading from: Esperanza Base, which is at the tip of Graham Land, Antarctic peninsula.  Esperanza is a permanent civilian settlement; that's "people live there" for those of you in Otisburg.  The coordinates for Esperanza are 63°24'S 56°59'W, which places it north of the Antarctic Circle, and roughly 600 miles from Punta Arenas, Chile (that's in South America, for those of you in Otisburg) and that part of this explanation is also important.

This image is from Wikipedia for the article on Base Esperanza.  It's listing temperatures on average for given months; the top line indicates record high temps for a particular month, and with the exception of March (as in today's new record), the remaining temps have no dates given.  The second line is the average high temps, and for the months of October through March, these temps average in the 30's.  That's in Fahrenheit, for those of you in Otisburg.  Like it or not, it is going to have those average high temps, and maybe a little more, due to its location north of the Antarctic Circle. 

What is missing from this story is something that the liberal writers hope you are overlooking.  December 21 through March 22 is winter time up here.  In the United States.  In Canada.  In Britain.

It is SUMMER down in Antarctica.  The ice retreats during that time; the ice melts during that time.  And these liberal nutjobs want you to ignore that one small fact while they head down there and spout to the whole world that the ice is disappearing.

The ice will come back in a month or two.  You can count on it.  And you can count on the same liberal nutjobs packing up and heading north to whine about the retreating ice at the North Pole...during the Arctic summer!

Hope they bring enough sunscreen to share with some polar bears!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Islam, and Rachel Maddow

This is dated February 18, 2015, from that bastion of liberal "thinking", The Rachel Maddow Show:

Getting to the point, this individual claims we have bills on the books in 22 states preventing sharia law; these bills deny to them the right to practice their faith.  At the same time this drivel is flowing from her mouth, she whines that they - the Muslims - come to America to enjoy such things as free speech.  She said:

“We come to the US, 22 states with anti-sharia bills trying to ban us from practicing our faith, mosque oppositions, we’re fighting, you know, zoning boards across the country, our kids are hearing this rhetoric, we have people, mosques being vandalized, kids being executed…”

Of course there's going to be some opposition to this; Islam happens to be the most violent religion on the face of the earth, where its practitioners execute those who:

Decide to leave Islam.
Insult, however minor, the prophet Muhammad.
Insult or desecrate, however minor, the Koran.
Aren't "islamic" enough.
Are Christian or Jewish.
Or are homosexual.

They also lie to advance their cause; their own Koran dictates they do, hence the above ludicrous claims.  Show the world these kids being executed here in the U.S., Ms. Sarsour.  Show the world their names and their graves.  And tell us why you would flee a Muslim-dominated country to enjoy any kind of freedom that we have here, while at the same time demand the inclusion of the very system (Sharia) that you fled from.

And then there's Rachel Maddow, the ultimate liberal on the ultimate liberal network.

You see her in the above video with Ms. Sarsour, pretty-much agreeing with everything she says.  It looks like Maddow wants it to happen, which is the implementation of Sharia in the U.S.  Fine then.  Let's implement it all over the land.  Let's have Sharia so liberals like Maddow can be happy at accomplishing something else pertaining to the destruction of this country.

I did say above, in accordance with Sharia law, homosexuals are executed.

Hey, Rachel Maddow, and everyone else like her: homosexuals are EXECUTED.

Do you understand that?  Sharia demands homosexuals be executed.  Iran hangs them from cranes.  ISIS throws them off buildings.  Rachel Maddow, in agreeing with Sarsour, wants the same thing here.

Rachel Maddow is homosexual.  She wants to bring the rope to her own hanging.

Talk about stupidity.

Liberal Hypocrisy on Race

Ever hear of Idris Elba?
Idris Elba

Apparently, he's a talented actor from across the pond in Great Britain; been in a number of stage and television productions, and films, among them a minor role familiar to American audiences as the gatekeeper in both Thor and Thor: The Dark World.  But he must be very talented to get the good speculation from producers to be considered to play one of the most famous characters in film history: the suave and sophisticated British spy James Bond.

Would he be able to pull it off?  Probably.  But to those purists out there - and by "purist" I mean those people who want James Bond to be as close as possible to the character created by Ian Flemming - Elba couldn't do it because he's black.

Ian Flemming's Bond is a Scottish white male.

Unfortunately, the purists have been labeled as racists by our not-so-good friends on the left side of the fence, and their silly little lefty mouths just wont shut up about it.  A black man has been put in the running to be the next James Bond, and any talk to the contrary has to be deemed as racist.  "You're opposed to him playing the part because he's black, er African-Ameri...I mean, African-British...yeah, that's it...African-British, you racist!"

Fine then.  The scenario can be flipped, can it?  How about Gilbert Gottfried playing Frederick Douglass?  Are you opposed to Paris Hilton playing George Washington Carver?  What about Michael Moore playing the Zulu king Shaka?  Not feasible, you say?  Why?
Shaka Zulu?  Played by Michael Moore?  NOT!

"Well, you're talking about historical characters; James Bond was fictional, therefore he can be played by anyone, you racist!"

Wrong.  First, this particular point is about a film role, and whether historical or not, it's all about a character in a film.  So if a black man can be selected for a role meant for someone white, then the reverse can happen.  Got a problem with it, libs?  Personally, I would love to see Moore try to play Shaka.  I would love to see Moore give up cheeseburgers or his silly liberalism, but fat chance on any of that happening anytime soon. 

Second, liberals distort history, and film is no exception.  In the court case State of New Jersey v. John List, the prosecutor was a white female (Eleanor Clark); in the film Judgement Day: The John List Story, she was played by a black female (Lorena Gale).  That's just one example, but I only need one.  Isn't James Bond just one character?  You libs can count, or did Common Core harm some brain cells?

Third, James Bond is more historical than fictional.  He was based on Flemming's exploits as a military intelligence officer in the Royal Navy during World War II; his boss, an admiral, formed the basis of the character known as "M".  Together and with others, they helped devise the plan known as "Mincemeat", which had succeeded in removing a large number of German troops from Sicily, allowing the Allied invasion of that island in 1943, and all based on the finding of bogus documents found on a corpse planted in the waters off Spain.  I wouldn't care if Flemming's James Bond is played by Elba or anyone else, except Michael Moore; Elba could probably do an outstanding job, while Moore is gaining...

And Fourth.  There's Hollywood itself.  The whole film industry is controlled by liberals, just like the looney tunes nut-jobs who whine about any opposition to Idris Elba being James Bond as racist.  But, just what is it that we hear coming from their own mouths?

"Hollywood is soooooooooo racist!  I can't get a decent acting job on the tee-vee because Hollywood is soooooooo racist!"

From the liberal Huff Post.
From the Atlanta Black Star.
From the very-liberal Chris Rock.

Or just "Google-it".  Lots of entries here.

Hollywood is so racist because it's the racist liberals who run it.  Fat chance of that changing anytime soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Robin Hood in LaLa Land

Robin Hood, as played by Errol Flynn from the 1938 film

In liberal la-la land - or Wackyland, whichever fits better - everything is the opposite.  Up is down, in is out, red is blue, light is dark, right is wrong.  Which is kinda great when you confront a liberal with facts; it's outrageous fun watching their heads explode!

As it was with this guy, online in a chat room somewhere in IRC central, and this guy...I'll call him Otis...decides he wants to pontificate about the need for expanded liberalism, specifically in the raising of taxes so that money can be collected and given to those who like to sit around in their underwear somewhere in Otisburg.  What was it he said?

"We're gonna rob from the rich, and give to the poor."

Wow.  A time honored liberal battle cry.  "And where did that battle cry originate?" I asked.

"Robin Hood."

That's where it came from?  I asked point blank about it's origins, and he said yes, robbing those rich folks and giving the loot to the poor comes from Robin Hood.  He must be correct.  He is a liberal after all.  Don't facts have a liberal bias?

Fine then.  I wanted some names.

"Just who did Robin Hood steal from?"


"They have to have some names, Otis."

"Uhhhh...the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Prince John.  Guy of Gis..."

"And they were...what?"

"Uhhhh, government officials."

And the tax money; I had to ask about the tax money.  "And what exactly did Robin steal from them, and what did he do with it?"

"Uhhhh, it was tax money stolen from the people to make them rich, and Robin merely took it back."

And Otis sat there for a moment or two, letting what he just said sink in, memories of The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn and a cast of a dozen...or did he see the cheaper remake with the Costner guy?  Anyway, when he realized just what he said had the opposite position of what he believed in...well...

"YOU DUMB #4i^%# SUCKWAD$$(*^et^ DIPJERK*&%$& KISS MY $^&&e^ BOOBTWAT@$(&$MEGAoi&^%^$DWEEB*%#^&*......"  the screen just couldn't take the foul language that poured out of Otis' feeble mind - it was just cartoonish, kinda like this individual, imported all the way from Toontown:

So, what's the point?

Robin Hood went up against an abusive, over-taxing central government - the kind of government that steals to line their own pockets, and he returned the tax money back to the people.

Who taxes people up the wazoo?  Liberals.
Who whines and complains about taxes being cut?  Liberals.
Who are some of the richest people in politics as a result?  Liberals.

Who demands tax cuts and the money returned to the people?  Conservatives.

And if you get a swearing, cussing, scatterbrained, latte-drinking, food-stamp abusing whiner who thinks up is down, big is small, left is right, and about to pretend to board the boat for the next save the whales campaign, chances are that he just had a field day snorting up the dust lining the streets of Wackyland.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wackyland and Bowe Bergdahl

Imagine having a conversation with a liberal.  A died-in-the-wool liberal.  Or is that "dyed"?  Who knows with these clowns; everything is topsy-turvy with them.  What's up is down; bad is good; right is wrong; in is get the picture.   Just what sort of people have these distorted viewpoints of the world?  Where do they get their training and education, if they indeed received any?  Just what on earth could drive someone to think that a convicted cop killer should get a free pass out of the slammer, while demanding that innocent babies be given the death penalty?

How about Wackyland?

Yesserie, Bob, it's Wackyland, the hap'nen place where liberals are born and raised (by one parent), and where they return annually during the spawning season to collect their welfare checks, or whenever they feel like a need for weed.

Wackyland, where Common Core is taught; where laws are written at the stroke of a pen before you even know it, let alone see it; where you have to pay for your "free" health care.

Wackyland is where the nuts run the asylum; where the cops are in jail and the criminals run the courts; where the "feel-good" crowd insists on spending money someone else earned.  Where you can get sued because the "feel-good" crowd doesn't like your Christianity.

Wackyland, where a deserter from the battlefield is a hero.

You read that right: a deserter from the United States Army is a hero to the denizens of Wackyland.  This comes from the same mentality of the nut-jobs who spit on the soldiers returning home from Vietnam.  Go back in time about a year ago.  Corporal Bowe Bergdahl has been held captive for five years by the Taliban, then got swapped in a trade for five Gitmo detainees (terrorists, for those of you in Otisburg) in May, 2014.  National Security Advisor Susan Rice had this to say:

"He served the United States with honor and distinction..."

The Obama Adminstration states that the swap for the terrorists was "worth it".

And the soldiers who served...excuse me...Soldiers, with a capital "S"...served with the soldier Bergdahl, the individual who doesn't deserve that capital "S"?  They declared him a deserter from day one, when he decided on his own to leave his platoon (proven); abandon his weapons (proven); leave his gear in a nice pile (proven); send emails to family stating how he dislikes America (proven), and for their efforts they were branded LIARS from the looney left, aka the Adminstration.  Didn't another member of the Wackyland hall of shame - Jane Fonda - do the same thing to American servicemen returning from Vietnamese prison camps, when they complained of being tortured?

But wait, there's more.  Mullah Mohammad Fazl, Mullah Norullah Noori, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Khairullah Khairkhwa and Mohammed Nabi Omari were the terrorists traded for the deserter.  Remember, these guys are the ones that were "worth it".  Battlefield commanders traded for a lowly corporal; terrorists committed to attacking and killing Americans traded for someone who deserted Americans.

But wait, there's a little bit more.   Guess what exploded in the Middle East last year?  Could it be ISIS?  And didn't ISIS include a few Americans in some head-chopping lessons?  And the special guest star - just one of the terrorists who was "worth it" - is Mullah Mohammed Fazi, who is right now in a leadership position within ISIS and happily engaged in mass slaughter, courtesy of the Obama Adminstration.

Really worth it?

Unfortunately for the denizens of Wackyland, smarter heads prevailed.  The Army has brought formal charges of desertion against Bergdahl, which makes Rice's "...served with honor and distinction" comment look incredibly stupid.  But that's the educational level of the liberal left: lots of fluff, no substance, heavy on the stupid sauce, and common sense thrown out the window.

But remember, this is Wackyland, that hap'nen place run by the looney left.  Facts just don't matter.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Liberal GooseStep

Liberals lie.
The real face of liberalism

That's an established fact.  There's no way around it either, except by exposure.  For example, in this video clip we see MSNBC host Rachel Maddow agrees with a guest on her show that kids are being executed in the United States by the bushel on a daily basis.  And then there's one liberal troll who played the part of a leech (aka parasite) kinda well decided to enter Conservapedia today, and he posted this:

"You are allowed to criticize Conservative only after you compose a million word essay on, in the case of Sam, how liberal Christianity is actually Satanism and, in the case of Augusto, why Conservative is not invoking Godwin's Law every time he associates you with Nazism because, after all, all German's are Nazis right? Also ask yourself this, of the 3 gentlemen mentioned above which is most likely to support the internment of a group, atheists, into camps to protect society?
What really riles Conservative is that an atheist wiki is totally ignoring him, worse, all his messages to Andy get the Schlafly ignore. It must be really depressing when one of the USA's biggest wingnuts thinks you're too extreme to warrant an answer."

Now, first, he signed it "I come from the Danish part."  Could have been addicted to pastries to the point of getting a new belt every week, but that's not the case.  Danish part of what?  Great Britain?  That's what is IP said, so it's not Denmark.

Now, it's hard to fathom how a guy could spout this nonsensical gibberish unless he's from a certain atheist wiki that also spouts a lot of nonsensical gibberish; I believe the place he refers to is Otisburg, which is a place inhabited by dimwits, halfwits, nitwits, nincompoops, and those who think they are intelligent but have their heads buried so deep where the sun don't shine that you need a government permit to shine a light on their brains.  What little they have, anyway.

So, here comes the latest one, calling himself "Seral", ostensibly after spilling his corn flakes on the cat this morning, and with some self-righteous authority spouts the above nonsense.  So, let's see what he missed...

First is the "liberal Christianity" part.

You're either a Christian, or you're not.  There's no middle ground.  So where does that leave liberals?  Liberals support those things that the Lord is against: abortion, evolution, atheism, hate, envy, adultery; just look at the news every day - that's the liberal news - for confirmation as to what liberals love, and absolutely none of it is biblical in nature. If they think otherwise, here's the Lord telling John in the Book of Revelation just what he thinks when a church mixes in with what would be called liberalism today:

And unto the angel of the church in Thyatira write; These things saith the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass;
I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience, and thy works; and the last to be more than the first.
Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.
And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.
And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.
But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden.
But that which ye have already hold fast till I come. (Rev. 2:18-25)

And then there's the Nazis.  It's clear that Seral of the spilled corn flakes bowl is accusing one user of referring to another as a Nazi.  This is the Nazi Party platform of 1925.  Read it carefully.  Then compare it to the Fascist Manifesto of 1919, by Benito Mussolini.  Then compare both to the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.

Kind of familiar?  The clowns of the so-called "Occupy Movement" a couple years back wanted the same thing, when they weren't defecating in cop cars or raping females or planning bridge destruction.  I guess those little liberals - and they are liberals, every one of them - goosestepped to the same tune as Marx and Il Duce and Der F├╝hrer.

And there's Seral's allegation about the camps.  And not the Boy Scout jamboree kind, either.  "Also ask yourself this, of the 3 gentlemen mentioned above which is most likely to support the internment of a group, atheists, into camps to protect society?"  He thinks that it is going to be conservative, Christian-types who will place into an internment camp a bunch of atheists, I guess to protect society.  Unfortunately for him, he's an inhabitant of Otisburg, that fun-filled place where the average "citizen" has the I.Q. of a carrot.  Which means they fail utterly in history.

Internment camps are also called concentration camps.  The Fascists of Italy had a version.  The Nazis also used a version known as death camps.  The Soviets had gulags.  The Chinese and North Koreans have theirs today; people get sent there for the "crime" of reading a Bible.

The people running these camps are atheistic; they couldn't care less about God at all.  And the sad part about it is that the liberal clowns from Otisburg come into Conservapedia spouting how bad us "wingnuts" are, but are just too dense to realize they have the Commie, Fascist, and Nazi manifestos sticking out of their own pockets, with a lot of underlining and happy-face stickers.

Perhaps they like the sound their jackboots make when they play gestapo.