Monday, June 30, 2014

Talk About Incompetence!

The Mayor of Otisburg

The amateurs from Otisburg want attention.

Now, how do children want attention?

They whine!

"WAAAAAAHHHHHH!" they scream and wail and whine, continually for hours on end, until they get that binky rammed into their mouths or those diapers changed.  There's a lot of diapers that need to be changed in Otisburg.

Just check this little edit made on June 29, 2014, one of many repeated postings made by an Otisburg resident who first called himself EddyJ; apparently, he fell out of his bunk bed and wrote....

"Bunch of Pseudochristians spreading pseudoscience, racism, bigotry, xenophobic, lies, hatred and promoting usury. Ohh usury is a sin in your stupid dumb religion.

Earth is not (censored) 6,000 years old. Bunch of dumb rats.
Conservapedia hates freedom of speech and they're alarmist and insecure, typical republiKKKan behavior. They're bias based. You bash at wikipedia for being liberal when is not. You're the one who is bias-base and spreading lies and deceit with no source.
This porn war will not stop until you stop being hypocrites and bias. Christfag rednecks.

Stoping us is FUTILE. This wh0re karajou can't raise her fat behind to stop us. We want register to be halt so new account cannot be made." 

Stop me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this sound like the writings of a 7th grade drop-out?  6th grade maybe?  "We want register to be halt..."?  Just what is that?  Did he see a G.I. Joe cartoon one afternoon?  Did he see a register marching before Joe ordered "HALT!"?

Shouldn't registers sit on store counters? 
Typical cash register, Otisburg Gen'l Store.

And promoting usury?  Conservapedia promotes usury?  "Andy, did you make out any loans out to the unscrupulous citizens of Otisburg, with interest?  No?  How can they get past the 8th grade then?  And what'll they say to Maw?"

I wonder if Eddy knows what usury is; maybe he should stop at his favorite bank so he can refinance the loan for his trailer.  Otisburg has lots of trailers.  Some of them still have the tires on.

Eddy kind of reminds me of the little whiny liberal in this video.  A kid who fails to get smart (despite being in college!); a kid who tries to steal, tries to fight (like a girl!); tries having his way via a distorted personal viewpoint on what he thinks Christians should be (they must be "tolerant" of whiny liberal thieves!), but in the end he's shown the world that he's just a slobbering liberal blob of jelly who just doesn't know how to man-up:


Gotta have some attention, don't they?  

Now imagine that slobbering liberal, or some uneducated clown like Eddy, or some other resident from Otisburg, running about in the real world...and they're in charge of something.  Imagine something like...

Or Detroit.
Or Chicago.
Or the southern border of the United States.
Or the foreign policy of the United States.
Or the United States itself.

Talk about incompetence!