Friday, August 8, 2014

Liberalism is a Mental disorder: More Proof

During the past month from the time of this writing some 3,500 rockets were fired on Israeli targets by terrorists in Gaza.  The range of these rockets covers over 70% of Israel, and since they are terrorists pulling the trigger - the current war began when they kidnapped and killed three Israeli teens - everyone in Israel has a bulls-eye on their backs.


So, with that in mind, I give you two individuals who are the very definition of a mental disorder that is the hallmark of what a liberal is.  The first such man is Sigmund Frood, er, Freud.  You know him: the famous psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who practically invented both fields.  Two minutes on the couch in his office, and you're talking about your mother.

He's also the author of various works on the subject, but it's one of the last ones - Moses and Monotheism - that stands out.  Moses, according to Frood, er, Freud, was murdered by his own people after he had led them out of an unstable Egypt, and guilt over the murder led them to create a monotheistic religion which had at its end a Messiah, who in turn would make them all feel better.

Frood, I mean, Freud must be right; after all, he's smart; he's an atheist.  Somehow when I hear that name I think of two kids named Bill and Ted.

The second person is not as well known, but he probably spent some time on a couch talking about his mom; I won't say his name, but his initials spell out Markman.  Now, Markman - I can't for the life of me figure out whether or not his first name is Julius or Pinhas or Stanley or Fester - has a psych problem of his own.  He hates Conservapedia and will do anything to sabotage the site.  So he resorts to false info, parody, and anything similar, as well as doing those things that quite literally proves us to be right all along about liberals in general.  So he comes in as MexMax, does the damage, gets blocked; comes in as Markman, does the damage, gets blocked; comes back as Markoman, does the damage, gets blocked; and so on and on with more socks; and he's telling us to "be very afraid."

Somehow I hear in the background that "cha-cha-cha-cha" whisper, from that cheap slasher flick with a killer wearing a hockey mask; every time I see Markman, I hear that sound.

"Be very...cha-cha-cha-cha-cha...afraid!" 

Please pass the popcorn!

So, what does that have to do with these two individuals - one a shrink, the other needing his services - and Israel's current situation?  What does that have to do with having a mental disorder? 

Freud was Jewish, and he felt a need to disrespect his own people when he wrote Moses and Monotheism way back in Vienna, Austria.  Kristallnacht in Germany would go down a few months later, tens of thousands of Jews were rounded up and put in concentration camps, and just around the corner was the Anschluss - the Nazi takeover of Austria.  You would think someone like Freud would get out of there in a hurry, but he concerned himself with that little book of his instead as if his life and well-being depended on it, clamoring to get the thing published in England, and it was in England that a rabbi had to remind him as to what he escaped from.

And then there's Markman.  I am assuming he's also Jewish, but his actions against Conservapedia speak otherwise.  His IP was traced to an agricultural community in north-central Israel, where you would think that someone like him would try to make Israel a little better, but he won't.  He is too fixated on harming a small website because he likes parody a lot more than on paying attention as to what's coming down all around him, something that is doing damage to his property and killing his people.

The missiles from from a bunch of terrorists in Gaza.

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Talk About Incompetence!

The Mayor of Otisburg

The amateurs from Otisburg want attention.

Now, how do children want attention?

They whine!

"WAAAAAAHHHHHH!" they scream and wail and whine, continually for hours on end, until they get that binky rammed into their mouths or those diapers changed.  There's a lot of diapers that need to be changed in Otisburg.

Just check this little edit made on June 29, 2014, one of many repeated postings made by an Otisburg resident who first called himself EddyJ; apparently, he fell out of his bunk bed and wrote....

"Bunch of Pseudochristians spreading pseudoscience, racism, bigotry, xenophobic, lies, hatred and promoting usury. Ohh usury is a sin in your stupid dumb religion.

Earth is not (censored) 6,000 years old. Bunch of dumb rats.
Conservapedia hates freedom of speech and they're alarmist and insecure, typical republiKKKan behavior. They're bias based. You bash at wikipedia for being liberal when is not. You're the one who is bias-base and spreading lies and deceit with no source.
This porn war will not stop until you stop being hypocrites and bias. Christfag rednecks.

Stoping us is FUTILE. This wh0re karajou can't raise her fat behind to stop us. We want register to be halt so new account cannot be made." 

Stop me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this sound like the writings of a 7th grade drop-out?  6th grade maybe?  "We want register to be halt..."?  Just what is that?  Did he see a G.I. Joe cartoon one afternoon?  Did he see a register marching before Joe ordered "HALT!"?

Shouldn't registers sit on store counters? 
Typical cash register, Otisburg Gen'l Store.

And promoting usury?  Conservapedia promotes usury?  "Andy, did you make out any loans out to the unscrupulous citizens of Otisburg, with interest?  No?  How can they get past the 8th grade then?  And what'll they say to Maw?"

I wonder if Eddy knows what usury is; maybe he should stop at his favorite bank so he can refinance the loan for his trailer.  Otisburg has lots of trailers.  Some of them still have the tires on.

Eddy kind of reminds me of the little whiny liberal in this video.  A kid who fails to get smart (despite being in college!); a kid who tries to steal, tries to fight (like a girl!); tries having his way via a distorted personal viewpoint on what he thinks Christians should be (they must be "tolerant" of whiny liberal thieves!), but in the end he's shown the world that he's just a slobbering liberal blob of jelly who just doesn't know how to man-up:


Gotta have some attention, don't they?  

Now imagine that slobbering liberal, or some uneducated clown like Eddy, or some other resident from Otisburg, running about in the real world...and they're in charge of something.  Imagine something like...

Or Detroit.
Or Chicago.
Or the southern border of the United States.
Or the foreign policy of the United States.
Or the United States itself.

Talk about incompetence!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Intellectual trailer trash

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati playing chess in Kansas.

In the past we at Conservapedia have put out evidence that the theory of evolution is nothing but hocus-pocus gobbledygook.  For the layman, those two words aptly describe the subject; for the researcher, the scientist, the investigator, the theory simply does not hold up to scrutiny.  Yet there are those out there that believe in it so much they not only will refuse to see the evidence against it, they will try their best to shut it down and shut up anyone who believes otherwise.  In fact, one desperate nutcase out of Melbourne, Australia is currently using DDoS attacks in an effort to shut down the site, all because he was not allowed to force his pro-evolution stance on us more than six years ago.

As I said, evolution does not hold up to scrutiny; when tested it fails.  The details presented in every textbook are based on dogma and assumption.  Their scenario goes something like this: "Here's the first known birdy, archaeopterix," one says, pointing to the fossilized remains of that little critter. "And if you look at these wings with their little claws on them, well that's proof that they came from a dinosaur."

"How do you know they came from a dinosaur?" asks one dissenter.

"Well, have to look at the bones here in the wrist."

"Then how come the pubic bone in the pelvis isn't pointing backwards?"

"Why you little #$^#^* peice of #%^%@$!!  How dare you interupt me teaching about our glorious ancestry with you #^%# little #^&&$# innuendoes and religious %$*^# garbage!"

"That's an come you can't see it?"

"Outta my classroom, you $^^$^% little &(*%$, and don't come back!"

And that's the way it is with the pro-evolution crowd.  Confront them with facts, and they go nuts.  They go into insults and name-calling.  Do they even bother to attempt to check up on their own assertions?  No.  Some years ago this writer had a conversation with an atheist online, who was dead-sure that Jesus was complete and total fiction.  He knew, he said, because he studied the history and archaeology of the Middle East intently during that particular period of time.  I asked him a pointed question: "Who was Josephus?"  He could not answer, because he didn't know.  I told him that if he indeed studied the history of the Middle East as he said he did he would have run smack-dab into Flavius Josephus, author of Antiquities of the Jews, the most-cited example of Biblical history and archaeology outside of the Bible itself...and he went ballistic when confronted with his own lack of education on the subject.  Went from being an imaginary scholar right to intellectual trailer trash.

Oh well.  So it goes.

And on the intellectual level we have scientists who have actually done an investigation into the matter, found out the results, and have had bulls-eyes painted on their backs ever since.  You would think that liberals - they do believe in liberty, don't they; it's where the word "liberalism" comes from - would be tolerant of such men and women, but since when do liberals believe in tolerance?  When it comes to God, the Bible, Christianity, and the Creation, liberals are the most intolerant of people on earth.  Case in point: Dr. Jonathan Sarfati.  Got his PhD from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand (home of another anti-Conservapedia-hate-filled atheist); wrote many books and peer-reviewed scientific papers; and was the New Zealand chess champion.  he wrote Refuting Evolution, of which you could read a chapter here.  Now, you would think that such a man who thinks for himself (chess is a game for thinkers), who educated himself, who is a published writer would have a bit more respect in the scientific community, but no.  Liberals demand that you think their way, or you're toast.

And the name-calling?

The so-called "No Answers in Genesis" website calls him a "propagandist".
The "Creationist Idiocy" blog calls him the "moron of the month".
When he gave a lecture at the University of British Columbia, some attendees wore shirts which said  “Creationism: a Philosophy of Ignorance”.
A blogger with an over-use of the word "stupid" directed against him and other creationists in general.

And the "intellectuals" infesting Otisburg...what do they have to say about Dr. Sarfati?

"Jonathan Sarfati is an angry man who is a vocal proponent of Young Earth Creationism. Despite his own insistence on using logic he often resorts to emotional appeals and name calling."

Never-mind the fact that Otisburg is a place is filled with angry "men" who resort to emotional appeals and name calling against anyone for anything...but they wouldn't know what that was, would they?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what intellectual trailer trash is all about.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mr. Transparency's "veteran" dad

Once upon a time there was a birth certificate.

This birth certificate belonged to Barack Hussein Obama.

We on the right claim it's a forged document, and we have empirical evidence that proves it.

The left of course will not even look at it, but they will call us every foul-mouthed name on the planet for having exposed it.  They believe that we are engaged in a conspiracy to discredit His Royal Husseiness, simply out of racism, hate, jealousy, ad nauseum.

Awwwwwwwww, poor babies!

So, what additional evidence is there that proves this birth certificate is the fraud that it is?  Hmmmm..what could there be?

How about something straight out of the mouth of His Remarkable Barackness?  Something that not even the royal wife Queen Michelle couldn't even spin straight...

He's on the campaign trail some two years ago, and this clip was covered by his boot-licking yes-men at CNN.  And by "boot-licking", well, just look at the shine on those shoes the next time you see him on the teevee (but that's another story).  In this clip he says we have to keep a "solemn pact" with our veterans, a group of men and women he's betraying right now.  And he's claiming as a "veteran" his father.

Yes, he says it point-blank.  His father was a "veteran" who fought in World War II, came home and got his veteran's benefits.

Now, first, let's do the math.  It's very simple math, so simple even a liberal can figure it out without a pocket calculator.

World War II was fought from 1939 to 1945.

The Royal Patrimonious, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was born in 1936, and he died in 1982. 

World War II was fought from 1939 to 1945.  Duke Barack the First was aged 3 when it began.

The Prince Regent Step-Patrimonius, Lolo Seotoro, was born in 1935, and died in 1987.

World War II was fought from 1939 to 1945.  Prince Lolo was aged 4 when it began.

So, unless General George "Blood and Guts" Patton had an elite toddler division to drop rattles, binkeys, and soiled diapers on the enemy, Mr. Transparency's dear-old dad never made it to the front lines.

And since both the dear-ol'dad and the semi-dear-ol'step-dad are both foreign nationals - one a Kenyan college student, the other something else in Indonesia - how could His Holy Transparentness claim he applied for and received veteran's benefits?  It was American veterans benefits he indicated in the above clip, wasn't it?

But of course the liberal left is going to spin this one into something else.  "Uhhh, he misspoke hisself" they'll scream.  "Uhhh, that's not what he said."  "Uhhh, Michelle said that."  "Uhhh, he was talking about his dog."  "Uhhh, we'll blame Bush for it."

It would just be so much easier for the liberal looney-tunes left to accept the fact that the Transparent One, Barack Hussein Obama, is nothing but a pathological liar who is screwing them over, as well as everyone else in the country.

Real veterans included.