Friday, November 29, 2013

Liberalism: The Religion of Hate

The following video took place back in 1976, and it begins with the television announcer saying "...and, wait a minute, there's an animal loose..."

The animals in question were a couple of liberals who wanted some attention; they jumped into the field at Dodger Stadium, planted their sorry behinds in center field, and made an attempt to set fire to an American flag, which they probably stole from someone else, but who knows.  It was their "religious rite" so to speak.  Too bad for them the hero of the day was Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs, who made what was arguably the greatest play in baseball.

We remember Rick Monday's name with relative ease.  We don't remember the names of the animals in center field.  Why even bother? 

Cut the scene to several weeks ago in Conservapedia.  An animal - this one hailed from Australia, but he's not as cuddly as a koala - has to leave a harassment note of sorts for one of our staff.  It read:

Hi Ken.

I would have left a message for you on your talk page but, as usual, it was locked.

It makes me sad that you are so afraid to engage with anyone.  What makes you so scared?  Is your faith in God and the Bible so weak that you can't even discuss them with others?

I recommend that you open up a bit to those with different views.  Maybe you'll learn something!

Anyway, must run.

Much love


I'm drawing a comparison here.  The actions of the animal calling himself Horace are directly related to the actions of the two animals on that ball field back in '76.  What happened that day was a pair of liberals engaged in the destruction of an American symbol (the flag of the United States); they attempted to do this destruction within the confines of another American symbol (a baseball park) during a traditional American pastime (a baseball game), and they were determined to do it in the faces of those who objected to it, which were ordinary Americans who believe in traditional American values.  Needless to say, these liberal animals didn't get it through their heads that they were being booed, neither did they get it through their heads that the audience stood up and cheered the moment Rick Monday saved the flag from their behavior.

So we return to the above letter.  What we have here is another liberal animal who for years tried to force his opinions on our site, and was repeatedly booted out for the troll that he is.  He claims that we should be more open to those with different views, which means his views, and those whose views who are similar to his.  We have seen his views, unfortunately.  They are views thoroughly anti-American and anti-Christian; they are in-line with Marx, Engels, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, Saul Alinsky; these views support the killing of unborn children in abortion clinics, and demand the censoring of prayer in schools and the removal of God from the public sphere.

This is what liberalism is about, folks.  It is not "liberty" for everyone, as it may have been in the past.  It is the religion of hate.  Whether it's done in a ball park, or by the occupiers of Wall Street, or by some clown who demands we pay for her "Obamaphone", or when some nut gets in your face about what you drive, what church you go to, who you voted for, well, that's today's liberalism for you.

As for Horace, well, he hails from down-under, Australia to be exact, and he still tries to force his way onto Conservapedia.  We discovered his kind of force also includes DDoS attacks and spam.

So much for liberal tolerance and love!

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