Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Internal Server Error: Evidence of Liberal Failure

Picture this...

You want to get on your favorite conservative or Christian website to take a look at the latest things going on around the world, and you get this:
After a few clicks you're back in business, but it comes back again every so often.


Well, it's pretty obvious there's a bunch of liberals out there who believe in failure.

In Conservapedia's case is a bunch of silly little amateurs from Otisburg.  Been doing it for a few years.  They cannot stand what we have to say, so they have to get their licks in.  However, it's as though they bought the Tootsie Roll Pop to see how many licks they can make to get to the center, but they were too dimwitted to take the wrapper off.

What they attempted to do in Conservapedia was...

They tried sticking in their nonsense in the various articles.  Failed.
They tried inserting falsehoods and parody.  Failed.
They tried using extortion and threat to take over the site.  Failed.
They tried creating a page stating how vulnerable some Democrats were around the country, then went to news organizations with the same page to claim we wanted assassinations of these Democrats.  Failed.
They tried mocking us with their own Otisburg-brand website.  Failed.
Some of them try to use force and whining to try to debate us on certain subjects.  Failed.

Ahhh...the silly little amateurs of Otisburg are still silly.

So, reader, if you are on Conservapedia or any other website that is dedicated to conservatism or Christianity, and you get one of those silly little displays like the image above, just pretend it's the image of failure on the liberal's part.  What is going on somewhere in Otisburg is a failure in his underwear, slurping on a fudgesickle, employing a bot, and what this bot is doing is automatically hitting the "refresh" function of the browser window while that failure in his underwear has his browser opened to whatever page he is looking at.  The bot hits the "refresh" function so many times it disables the site from viewing by others.

But in Conservapedia, their actions failed.

Yesserie, Bob, these silly little amateurs believe strongly in failure, don't they?  And we all thought liberals love free speech.  We all thought liberals are tolerant.  We all thought liberals are full of love.

The Internal Server Error in the image above is evidence of liberal hatred.

It failed.

Have a nice day!

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