Thursday, August 29, 2013

Otisburg has a suburb

We must accept evolution based on this?

I got a friend of mind, patrols the city streets here as a cop.  Before that he did a number of years in the Air Force.  He occasionally has to go before a judge because of some idiot he arrested, and the judge has to ask "Why is he here?  Why did you arrest him?"  And in a rather point-blank manner, my cop friend tells the judge "Your Honor, you just can't fix stupid."

In a previous posting I stated that there was no evidence that our early forebears - that's "cavemen" for those of you in Otisburg - ever embarked on a breeding program to get dogs out of wolves.

While these postings have been picked up by the parasites in Otisburg, you would think they would want to get their act together and come up with something concrete to prove, and I do mean prove, their theory that wolves were deliberately bred into dogs, but, umm...this is Otisburg.  No intelligence required to be an inhabitant of that website. 

Looking at the stats for this blog has revealed a suburb of Otisburg, a place called "Something Awful".  Like Otisburg, it was hidden once, just so we or the general public couldn't read it.  But lo and behold, it is now open to the public, where we can read it in all of its, er, glory.

And it's pretty much the same thing as Otisburg.  Run by idiots who claim to be intelligent.  No surprise there.

The part that stands out immediately is the dog-wolf part.  In fact, it was the first thread that popped out.  And instead of providing proof that a dog was created by cavemen from a wolf, here's what was said:

"Didn't some soviet scientist selectively breed wolves for "tameness", and within only a few short generations produced wolves with not only dog-like behaviour but also dog-like physical traits?"

Yep, make sure that when it comes to an "experiment" of this nature that all your "facts" come from a restricted, leftist country in which documentation is hard to get a hold of, in this case, the Soviet Union.  The USSR for short.  Land of the pinko-commies, killed tens of millions of their own people; finally fell in 1991.  Perfect place to claim a "dog-from-wolf" experiment.  Reminds me of the case of the two-headed pregnant lady from Nigeria, with one head suing the other for some silly reason.  Do the boys at "Something Awful" get their "facts" from the Weekly World News?

And one of them stated that there was a breeding program involving Carpathian gray wolves; he even provided a nice picture of a pair of the new breed, with the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background.  Again, he proved my original point: at no time did anyone - caveman or scientist or dog breeder - ever produce a domestic dog by starting out with wolves.  The picture this "Something Awful" user provided was advertising a breed called a Czechoslovakian wolfdog, which was a mix of wolf and German shepherd. 

A mix-breed.  Looks like the scientists cheated on that one.

As to the rest of the forum entries, again we are treated to a "he said/she said" routine.  No where is there anything even remotely pertaining to proving their evolutionary theories; we are treated to dogmatic statements and innuendo, based once again on someone's say-so.  And what does one poster say about this?

"I think he's well aware of that actually. He just gets to be smug when they have to say theyre conservative which must TEAR THEM UP INSIDE.  It's very psychological."

Obviously, this poster is a trained psychologist.  No diploma on his wall, no license from a state, no couch upon which a patient would talk about his mother, but a trained psychologist nonetheless.  Maybe I'll be torn up about it next Tuesday.

In summary, here's what we have from this "Something Awful" crowd, and you can lump them in as a suburb of Otisburg.  They provide no evidence that evolution happened, yet they say it's a fact.  They resort to using labels against whomever they disagree with, with the obligatory foul language included.  They resort to assumption as fact, and in order to persuade the masses, they have to resort to stunts like the images above, which they had actually posted.  There's no meat and potatoes here...just a lot of fluff.  And that's how they avoid the debate.

You just can't fix stupid.

I guess they don't call their forum "Something Awful" for nothing.

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