Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The non-God excuses from Scienceland

Let's be clear on something first.  God has been thrown out of public schools, in part because of science, which had made the declaration that God doesn't exist.  He's a fantasy, evolution is fact; God never created anything; everything evolved, because science said so.

Disney has Fantasyland.

Evolutionists have Scienceland.  Get the analogy?  It's where there's confusion between science and magic, where the lab tech expects a rabbit to come out of a primordial soup bowl.  He waves his magic beaker and waa-laa.

Part of the Human Origins program at many universities is video instruction.  One of the videos is a clip taken from David Attenborough's science program The Life of Mammals, shown below.

The orangutan in this clip watched humans row boats, use tools, use soap, wash clothes, and so forth.  She imitated,  She copied.  Granted, she doesn't use a saw too well, and she can row her boat up the creek without a paddle, but her intelligence is good enough to leave the average viewer amazed.

But she is still an orangutan.  Same species for millions of years, according to evolution.  Great apes have been around for how long?  20 million years?  30 million years?  Meanwhile, these same evolutionists have been saying that man evolved from ape-like ancestors - and learned to make fire, tools, the wheel, and Ford Pintos along the way - in under 4 million years.  That's one of the fastest evolving periods on record, and pretty-much amazing, considering the fire, tools, the wheel, and Ford Pintos that went along with it.

Meanwhile, sharks have stayed the same for about 270 million years, while dinosaurs have walked about for 140 million years before managing to get wiped out by an asteroid that killed off just the dinosaurs and nothing else...but that's evolution for you.  Let's see...triceratops killed; the rat standing next to it untouched.  The non-God excuses from Scienceland.

So, back to the orangutan.  She hung out with humans  - only a clip from this film was shown, so I'm assuming she may have been in captivity once - and she copied.  Monkey-see, monkey-do.  She copied.  The Human Origins class has also been shown videos of chimps in the wild, as well as other species of primates, and in each one these animals are shown doing things, while others watch.  A chimp uses a log to crack open a nut placed on a rock; a younger chimp watches intently, and stumbles about while doing the same thing later.  Watching, learning, doing.  It's their intelligence at work, that's how they get by in the wild, and evolutionists use those observations of modern primates to state that the early hominids did the same things - copying, watching, learning, doing - before launching into that quick 4-million-year period in which we have fire, tools, the wheel, and Ford Pintos still on the road.

Remember, evolution says there is no God.  The orangutan evolved intelligence and the ability to use it, hence the copying.

This is what?  Looks like a butterfly that has the face of an owl.  Why the owl?  According to evolution, this butterfly evolved the owl's face to protect itself from predators.  After all, owls scare away birds and other critters, don't they?  Owls kill and eat those birds and other critters, don't they?  So, here we have a non-intelligent animal - a butterfly - doing a pro-active act of copying the face of another predatory animal so the butterfly would not be killed and eaten.  Having an owl's face evolve by itself on a butterfly without a demonstrated need for it - a need involving intelligence - just doesn't make much sense.  But we will get the non-God excuses from Scienceland all the time, won't we?

Either the butterfly had to have the intelligence needed to realize that owls kill butterfly predators, or something with intelligence created the butterfly.  And if science says there is no such thing as an intelligent designer, i.e. God, then how did fire, tools, the wheel, and Ford Pintos come to be?  Isn't that intelligent design on a more limited scale?

Maybe not...Ford Pintos have been known to explode.

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