Sunday, November 11, 2012

Facts have a liberal bias...if it's geared towards stupidity

Apparently, Sid has an automatic spy bot leeched onto this site.

For those who don't know, Sid is a troll/vandal who was thrown out of Conservapedia several times beginning back in early 2007, and he and his like-minded pals were responsible for creating Rationalwiki, a website supposedly ready to "refute" crank ideas with more of their own, etc, with a lot of hate and vandalism on the side.  Since they're firmly attached to Conservapedia like a parasite (or a head-case in bad need of a psychiatrist), we'll see if they can refute the following:

Scroll back to the election on November 6, 2012.  Specifically the boroughs of New York City.  From the New York Times comes this bit of info on the election:

What this table is showing is the stark ("snark" if you're an RW troll) fact that Obama won decisively in New York City; with the exception of Staten Island - which he won, albeit barely - Obama won in a major landslide in the other boroughs.  Info on Manhattan was not available, but this writer is assuming that he won there as well, with a commanding lead.  What this is saying is that the majority of New Yorkers did was to vote Obama back into office, including the undependable RINO/liberal mayor, Michael Bloomberg. 

Are you reading this, Mikey?

Now, I should also mention New Jersey as well, specifically the few counties across the Hudson from NYC.  Here's the data for those, also courtesy of the Times:

Of these eight counties, only two (Monmouth and Ocean) showed Mitt Romney as winning; the remaining counties, as well as New Jersey as a whole, returned Obama to the White House.  Which must be pleasing to their RINO governor Chris Christie. 

Are you reading this, Chrissy?

Now, as far as I know, New York City and it's environs - and possibly Jersey City, Newark, and nearby cities - are served by Consolidated Edison for their energy needs.  They in turn have as their employees the Utility Workers Union.  Both have endorsed Obama as president.  ConEd states on it's website that it supplies electricity, natural gas, and steam to NYC. 

But where does the electricity come from?  Nuclear?  Coal?  Hydroelectric?

Here's an answer: Orange and Rockland Utilities, which also services that area, but no longer produces electricity on its own.  Instead, it gets energy from PJM Interconnection, an LLC composed of the Pennsylvania-New Jersey Interconnection, which in turn is comprised of Public Service Electric and Gas Company (New Jersey), Philadelphia Electric Company, and Pennsylvania Power & Light Company.  The last one "serves 1.4 million customers in 29 counties of Pennsylvania in the United States, has received 15 J.D. Power and Associates awards for customer satisfaction" according to Wikipedia.  Oh, the Wikipedia entry is true; facts have a liberal bias, as we've all heard countless times from the liberal establishment. 

Right, Sid?

There was one other thing about the above voting records.  New York City and the nearby New Jersey counties were selected for one reason only: Hurricane Sandy.  Only someone incredibly stupid - and I do mean STUPID - would vote into office an individual who would deny them what they need.  The majority voted in Obama.

And what exactly is Obama's record on energy, before the election? 

Obama cut down coal production.
Obama curtailed and reduced drilling for oil.
Obama reduced gasoline refining.
Obama killed the Keystone Oil Pipeline.

Right now New Yorkers are starving for energy; it's been over two weeks since the power was cut off.  There are fights over getting gasoline in their cars.  What Hurricane Sandy did was to lay open the fact that New Yorkers need some commodities for their very existence - and they chose to vote back into office the very man who prevented them from getting it.

Facts have a liberal bias, don't they?

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