Monday, March 28, 2011

Proving us right all the time

Today, at least since three in the morning, there has been a "denial of service attack" on Conservapedia. What this means to the average layman reading this is a DDoS attack is conducted by the liberal left when they are faced with an idea they don't like; they try to shut it down. It's no different then when someone comes into your room and changes the channel from the TV program you were watching, just to force you to watch what he likes. And this time, it's all because of a simple cartoon on the main page, one that mocks the concept of evolution.

Now, I'm going to give you the reader a historical incident which is similar. It is something where you have to set your Way-Back machine to about the late 1870's, in New York City. The power that held a strangle-hold on New York at that time was the Democratic Party. Democrats ran everything, and everything was a racket to them. To get something built, to get something done, you had to pay kickbacks to some Democratic crony in power, and the man in charge who demanded the greatest amount of cash was William Marcy Tweed. Boss Tweed. He and his Tammany Hall cronies were adept at skimming money off building contracts to the point where they amassed a $12 million dollar fortune (some estimates place the figure as high as $200,000,000), a king's ransom in those days. The contracts involving public works overseen by Tammany and Tweed were riddled with corruption.

Tweed bribed a lot of people to get his way, but he couldn't get past one man who who knew a rat when he saw one: Thomas Nast. Nast happened to be a cartoonist, responsible for the image of the elephant as the Republican Party's mascot, and the current image of Santa Claus. When it came to Tweed, Nast used his pen to point out just how bad the Boss really was. Tweed as a buzzard waiting for the next meal; Tweed in a circle of cronies as they're deflecting blame; Tweed drunk on his own power; Tweed waiting at the voting booth, intending to ensure the proper "outcome" of an election. And those cartoons had a effect, as the walls he had built had shown signs of collapsing. "My constituents don't know how to read," Tweed was supposed to have said, "but they can't help seeing them damned pictures!" And the pictures did have an effect. His corruption was outted; he escaped to Spain, where he was identified through one of Nast's cartoons. He died in a jail cell in 1878.

Here's what we have going on right now. There are people who do not like conservatism; they do not like the morals and responsibility and accountability which is attached to conservatism. They cannot stand God, they cannot stand the Bible, and many of them are quick to dismiss "Jeebus" - as they call Jesus - as nothing more than a farce. And most of all they cannot stand anyone who would adhere to any of it. What they did to Conservapedia during the past 24 hours is very typical of their "philosophy", which is to shut down any kind of speech they don't like. It's to control what goes on in the public sphere regarding speech and ideas, exactly like Tweed attempted to do over a century ago in New York. One could even go so far as to say that this is the liberal's version of what Islamic fanatics attempted to do against the individuals who created the "Mohammed" cartoons in the past few years.

And these same liberals say they're on the side of tolerance? The only thing they actually did was to prove us to be right all along.

And they got offended over a simple cartoon!