Monday, February 14, 2011

Middle East Foreign Policy Blunder

We have all had time to digest the events in Egypt. Is this a democracy movement? Is this a movement pushed by radical leftists such as George Soros? What is to make of Hosni Mubarak's 30 year rule? What to make of Barack Hussein Obama's response? Finally, What about those Islamic jihadists at the Muslim Brotherhood?

Muslims of the Middle East are not sympathetic to democracy. How do I know this? Well, the only true democracy in the Middle East is Israel, a non-Muslim country. The overwhelming model of government in the Middle East is authoritarian ruled and state-run Islam. Iraq is a success story in democracy but it took the forcible removal of Saddam Hussein to make that happen. Egypt is on its way to democracy, according to leftwingers and their sycophant media outlets. The people have risen up, demanded the resignation of the corrupt government and now there is freedom. Yeah, a happy ending. So in a country of 84 million people with 50% out of work and 50% of the populace uneducated- 83.3 million did no protesting and change they can believe in has occurred.

Mubarak the bad guy. Lets face the facts, the leader of Egypt likely squandered billions of dollars from the U.S.A. Rightfully, he was viewed as a puppet of America and sympathetic to his neighbor Israel. He has ruled ever since the Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Sadat. So he was not popular, so he operated as a dictator, like all other Arab countries. Barack Obama threw him under the bus so fast, Mubarak was left without a choice in the matter. Mubarak kept radical Islam in check. Mubarak kept a peace treaty with Israel in check. Mubarak prevented Hamas from pouring over its borders. Mubarak was an ally in the War against Terror. Obama threw it all away on a gamble for democracy.

The radicals, the Muslim Brotherhood, have been given recognition by Obama. They are the "non-secular" groups referred to by Robert Gibbs that must be involved in Egypt's political future, despite being outlawed. It smells fishy, as most things Obama touches reeks of deception. What about the radical leftists George Soros, he was quoted saying the Egyptian people have spoken. Since when does his foreign policy views mean anything? Well he had his hands in other countries involvement; destabilizing governments in Serbia, Georgia, Turkey, and don't forget the puppet masters push for Obama to transform America. There was reports in the media of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers in Israel and Egypt in the months before unrest. Might he have been fomenting revolution? Then while unrest was televised, leftist goons from Code Pink were filmed marching with the Egyptian people. You can dismiss it all as conspiracy talk but deceptive people are never out-in-the-open with their plans, it is always behind-the-scenes plotting.

The Muslim Brotherhood has taken a lead role in the unrest. Their stated goal has been the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak. In their mission statement, they seek an Islamic government. They talk democracy, they talk freedom but that is just a vehicle to Islamic control. Their charter calls for the destruction of Israel. The day Mubarak resigned coincides to the same day in 1979 when Iran fell to a hard-line Islamic regime. Notably, under the same exact pretense- democracy for the people. Also notable, Iran's government and the Obama administration were on the same page- rid Egypt of Hosni Mubarak. Great!

The situation is grave not glorious for Egyptians. Stability is replaced by the unknown. The chances of a better life is slim to none. The chance of war and death with its neighbor Israel is real. Radical Islam's power in Egypt has grown exponentially. The persecuted Coptic Christians make up 20% of the populace. The dominoes that fell did not fall in their favor, nor in America's favor. They fell in Islams favor.

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