Saturday, January 22, 2011

A sort of suicide?

Read this link. It tells the sad tale of a man who lost his son to suicide. Sort of. He complains that his son got depressed after being blocked from Conservapedia, so depressed he killed himself. Sort of. And the father...well, he gets depressed and starts his depression on Wikipedia.

Imagine, if you will, that this is real, that the suicide had actually happened. It would be in the newspapers. It would be on TV. The news about it would be viral, and it would be nation-wide. How do I figure that? "CONSERVATIVE WEBSITE CAUSES MAN TO KILL HIMSELF" would be the screaming headline in big block letters; the mainstream media would have a field day from New York to Los Angeles; and Keith Olbermann would be in such a lather about it on his PMSNBC show that you could see the foam dribbling down the left side of his mouth. If there's anything to make conservatives look bad, this would be it. I can see Stephan Colbert staring down Andy again, with that goofy eyebrow of his lifted above those horn rim glasses.

But it didn't happen. The offender who made up the suicide - he calls himself "Sean Townsend" - comes from Columbia, Maryland. That is the location of the IP provided courtesy of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. The "son" called himself "CTown200" in Conservapedia, and got himself banned for offensive emails and other stuff in late November, 2010. There is absolutely no news of any kind regarding a suicide in Columbia between that date in November and January 5, 2011, the day "Sean Townsend" placed his rants in Wikipedia. Not a peep. No police reports, no insurance claims. And in the background, a dog barked.

And his IP? As I said, he comes from Columbia, Maryland. You'd expect a concerned father who had a problem child who off'd himself to get retribution from Conservapedia by some other means than to go to the nearest computer, but that's what he did. No telephone calls to Andy, none to his lawyer. The computer was to ensure he remained hidden and anonymous, which meant he didn't use the one at home.

He got on the one at the Howard County Library!

Did he pay his overdue book fines as well?

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