Thursday, January 27, 2011

President Moonbat at the State of the Union

The guy that leads this country can't really be this clueless. As expected, me and many millions of other Americans were disappointed yet again. Nothing he says amounts to anything significant or is blatantly an outright lie. This country faces a fiscal disaster unlike any since the Great Depression. What does President Moonbat suggest? More investing (code word for spending), we're turned the corner on the recession (unemployment and revenues beg to differ), this is our Sputnik moment (seriously?). Duplicity, double speak, fraud is all I can think of from this guy. You have got to ask yourself "Is this guy deliberately sinking this ship?" Will high speed rail do anything today, tomorrow or ever for the economy? Spending on infrastructure? We've had a trillion dollar stimulus, the only results I've seen are paved roads. This really can't be happening, we are held hostage to such a radical usurper that two more years maybe too late for America. I know the old saying Trust in God, that there is much good that come out of this. I want to believe that but my eyes and ears don't like to be fooled. How much more will we be able to withstand? Is there a bottom when it comes to failure? We need big results, bold leadership. This president is so full of it that we are left with obfuscation and platitudes. This scrawny community organizer never ran a business in his lifetime. He is beholden to radicals that don't want businesses to succeed. The government is the problem and he believes "I won", end of discussion.

I don't know if we can turn it around. I believe in the American people but if bold decisions are not made- calamity is coming. We need DEEP cuts now. Some Republicans talk 2.4 trillion in cuts over 10 years. That will not solve our immediate crisis. We've added that amount in two years. We need what Senator Rand Paul mentioned the other day- A $500 billion cut immediately: eliminate govt agencies, eliminate bureaucratic red tape, cut taxes on businesses and start rebuilding. I would go further and say cut $500 billion per year, a balanced budget amendment, and prosecute those people that have put this country in financial jeopardy: Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid, Obama. They want you to believe Bernie Maddoff is a thief. Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid and Obama have done more harm to the well being of Americans than Bernie is ever capable of.

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