Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cyber-terrorism stupidity: he thought he could get away with it!

Barry Ardolf thought he could get away with it. He thought he was smart. Thought he was better then his neighbors, the cops, the Secret Service, and so on. He thought he could use a computer to terrorize a family he didn't like. He thought he could reject the plea-deal which would have given him two years in jail.

What happened was this: in Blaine, Minnesota Matt and Bethany Kostolnik were his neighbors, and sometime in 2008 their four year-old some wandered across the street to Ardolf's place. Ardolf picked up the kid, took him back to the parents, but before releasing him he planted a big wet kiss on the kid, right on the lips. The Kostolinks called the cops, who did the standard interview, but instead of taking it for what it was worth, Ardolf decided he was going to play the terrorist.

According to the complaint, he downloaded a piece of hacking software and used it to break into the Kostolnick's secure wi-fi network. Having access to that network enabled Ardolf to create accounts based on Kostolnik's name, including Myspace, fake email accounts, etc. From there he downloaded child pornography, placed them not only in Kostolnik's name, but sent them to the place of business where Kostolnik worked, a law firm.

As if that wasn't enough, Ardolf decided he was going to make threats against others in Kostolnik's name. One such letter was sent to Vice President Joe Biden, prompting a little visit to the Kostolnik residence by the Secret Service. They take it seriously when some says to Biden "I swear to God I'm going to kill you!"

Naturally, Kostolnik - the real man - had no clue as to what was going on, so he got his law firm to take action, and action they did. It involved a computer firm with a packet sniffer, a software version of a bloodhound. Didn't take long for the sniffer to trace the problem to Ardolf's door, which was enough for the Feds to get a search warrant.

And the rest was a slam-dunk. Facing charges of threatening public officials, kiddie porn, identity theft, cyber-terrorism, Ardolf was facing two years, according to the plea deal offered him in 2010. He rejected it, thinking he could win in the trial. Yesterday, he got eighteen years in prison. And Kostolinik got his good name back.

The moral of the story is this: computers and stupidity just don't mix!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Proving us right all the time

Today, at least since three in the morning, there has been a "denial of service attack" on Conservapedia. What this means to the average layman reading this is a DDoS attack is conducted by the liberal left when they are faced with an idea they don't like; they try to shut it down. It's no different then when someone comes into your room and changes the channel from the TV program you were watching, just to force you to watch what he likes. And this time, it's all because of a simple cartoon on the main page, one that mocks the concept of evolution.

Now, I'm going to give you the reader a historical incident which is similar. It is something where you have to set your Way-Back machine to about the late 1870's, in New York City. The power that held a strangle-hold on New York at that time was the Democratic Party. Democrats ran everything, and everything was a racket to them. To get something built, to get something done, you had to pay kickbacks to some Democratic crony in power, and the man in charge who demanded the greatest amount of cash was William Marcy Tweed. Boss Tweed. He and his Tammany Hall cronies were adept at skimming money off building contracts to the point where they amassed a $12 million dollar fortune (some estimates place the figure as high as $200,000,000), a king's ransom in those days. The contracts involving public works overseen by Tammany and Tweed were riddled with corruption.

Tweed bribed a lot of people to get his way, but he couldn't get past one man who who knew a rat when he saw one: Thomas Nast. Nast happened to be a cartoonist, responsible for the image of the elephant as the Republican Party's mascot, and the current image of Santa Claus. When it came to Tweed, Nast used his pen to point out just how bad the Boss really was. Tweed as a buzzard waiting for the next meal; Tweed in a circle of cronies as they're deflecting blame; Tweed drunk on his own power; Tweed waiting at the voting booth, intending to ensure the proper "outcome" of an election. And those cartoons had a effect, as the walls he had built had shown signs of collapsing. "My constituents don't know how to read," Tweed was supposed to have said, "but they can't help seeing them damned pictures!" And the pictures did have an effect. His corruption was outted; he escaped to Spain, where he was identified through one of Nast's cartoons. He died in a jail cell in 1878.

Here's what we have going on right now. There are people who do not like conservatism; they do not like the morals and responsibility and accountability which is attached to conservatism. They cannot stand God, they cannot stand the Bible, and many of them are quick to dismiss "Jeebus" - as they call Jesus - as nothing more than a farce. And most of all they cannot stand anyone who would adhere to any of it. What they did to Conservapedia during the past 24 hours is very typical of their "philosophy", which is to shut down any kind of speech they don't like. It's to control what goes on in the public sphere regarding speech and ideas, exactly like Tweed attempted to do over a century ago in New York. One could even go so far as to say that this is the liberal's version of what Islamic fanatics attempted to do against the individuals who created the "Mohammed" cartoons in the past few years.

And these same liberals say they're on the side of tolerance? The only thing they actually did was to prove us to be right all along.

And they got offended over a simple cartoon!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Middle East Foreign Policy Blunder

We have all had time to digest the events in Egypt. Is this a democracy movement? Is this a movement pushed by radical leftists such as George Soros? What is to make of Hosni Mubarak's 30 year rule? What to make of Barack Hussein Obama's response? Finally, What about those Islamic jihadists at the Muslim Brotherhood?

Muslims of the Middle East are not sympathetic to democracy. How do I know this? Well, the only true democracy in the Middle East is Israel, a non-Muslim country. The overwhelming model of government in the Middle East is authoritarian ruled and state-run Islam. Iraq is a success story in democracy but it took the forcible removal of Saddam Hussein to make that happen. Egypt is on its way to democracy, according to leftwingers and their sycophant media outlets. The people have risen up, demanded the resignation of the corrupt government and now there is freedom. Yeah, a happy ending. So in a country of 84 million people with 50% out of work and 50% of the populace uneducated- 83.3 million did no protesting and change they can believe in has occurred.

Mubarak the bad guy. Lets face the facts, the leader of Egypt likely squandered billions of dollars from the U.S.A. Rightfully, he was viewed as a puppet of America and sympathetic to his neighbor Israel. He has ruled ever since the Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Sadat. So he was not popular, so he operated as a dictator, like all other Arab countries. Barack Obama threw him under the bus so fast, Mubarak was left without a choice in the matter. Mubarak kept radical Islam in check. Mubarak kept a peace treaty with Israel in check. Mubarak prevented Hamas from pouring over its borders. Mubarak was an ally in the War against Terror. Obama threw it all away on a gamble for democracy.

The radicals, the Muslim Brotherhood, have been given recognition by Obama. They are the "non-secular" groups referred to by Robert Gibbs that must be involved in Egypt's political future, despite being outlawed. It smells fishy, as most things Obama touches reeks of deception. What about the radical leftists George Soros, he was quoted saying the Egyptian people have spoken. Since when does his foreign policy views mean anything? Well he had his hands in other countries involvement; destabilizing governments in Serbia, Georgia, Turkey, and don't forget the puppet masters push for Obama to transform America. There was reports in the media of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers in Israel and Egypt in the months before unrest. Might he have been fomenting revolution? Then while unrest was televised, leftist goons from Code Pink were filmed marching with the Egyptian people. You can dismiss it all as conspiracy talk but deceptive people are never out-in-the-open with their plans, it is always behind-the-scenes plotting.

The Muslim Brotherhood has taken a lead role in the unrest. Their stated goal has been the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak. In their mission statement, they seek an Islamic government. They talk democracy, they talk freedom but that is just a vehicle to Islamic control. Their charter calls for the destruction of Israel. The day Mubarak resigned coincides to the same day in 1979 when Iran fell to a hard-line Islamic regime. Notably, under the same exact pretense- democracy for the people. Also notable, Iran's government and the Obama administration were on the same page- rid Egypt of Hosni Mubarak. Great!

The situation is grave not glorious for Egyptians. Stability is replaced by the unknown. The chances of a better life is slim to none. The chance of war and death with its neighbor Israel is real. Radical Islam's power in Egypt has grown exponentially. The persecuted Coptic Christians make up 20% of the populace. The dominoes that fell did not fall in their favor, nor in America's favor. They fell in Islams favor.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Global warming and liberal logic

Picture this...

Dr. Liberal I. Scientist (the "I" stands for "idiot") has to be in the forefront in the global warming scam; the "good" Doctor's views is that the earth is heating up due to the activity of, "humankind" in p.c. speak.

"But isn't the sun involved?" says one detractor.

"The sun?" says the Doctor. "Utter nonsense. Why, the sun couldn't warm a flea by itself, let alone enable man to grow crops, get a sun tan, or evolve into factory workers who churn out sport utility vehicles by the bushel, spewing out so much carbon it would make your head spin!"

And our heads ARE spinning. Liberal logic leaves out the sun. Liberal logic leaves out the fact that at the same time temperatures went up on earth, they went up on Mars. Hey liberals out there in Fantasyland...are there any SUV's on Mars? Liberal logic leaves out the fact that scientists like the "good" Doctor aptly-described above (with the word "Idiot") have placed their Ronco-brand satellite temperature thermometer readers right next door to their offices, rooftops, airport tarmacs, slabs of concrete...ANYTHING that collects extra heat generated by man. I think they did that solely for the convenience of it all. Why bother to do a ten-mile hike into the forest to maintain your thermometer, when you can step outside your plush office after playing a round of Space Invaders with your Nintendo? Maybe all of that math and formula on their blackboards gives them a need to do something really childish.

So now the earth is cooling. Major snow storms across the Northern Hemisphere. A front 2,000 miles long gave new meaning to the term "white-out" in much of America. Liberals are coming out of the cracks like cockroaches in a kitchen, spouting off a litany of excuses. The cooling has just got to be related to warming. Could it be Al Gore had shut off the power to his Tennessee home by accident?

OK, I'll give them an excuse for global cooling. I'll think of a new reason for the drop in temperature. Rule 1.) it has to be done in such a way as to be done by the average liberal, and Rule 2.) it has to be completely and utterly ridiculous. Which means I may have to run head-first into a granite wall in order to get the proper explanation that would fit rather well into both rules here.

And here it is:

The recent drop in temperatures was done by Alaskan malamutes engaged in flatulence while being fed salmon in West Virginia breeding kennels. In order to save the world from the excessive moisture, we at the Preservation for a Liberal Lunatic Society (POLLS) propose kidnapping all sled dogs and putting them down. PETA will do that part, so it's legal! Cool, huh? Wanna share a few joints?

And there you have it. Global cooling/warming excused away with improper liberalism.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

President Moonbat at the State of the Union

The guy that leads this country can't really be this clueless. As expected, me and many millions of other Americans were disappointed yet again. Nothing he says amounts to anything significant or is blatantly an outright lie. This country faces a fiscal disaster unlike any since the Great Depression. What does President Moonbat suggest? More investing (code word for spending), we're turned the corner on the recession (unemployment and revenues beg to differ), this is our Sputnik moment (seriously?). Duplicity, double speak, fraud is all I can think of from this guy. You have got to ask yourself "Is this guy deliberately sinking this ship?" Will high speed rail do anything today, tomorrow or ever for the economy? Spending on infrastructure? We've had a trillion dollar stimulus, the only results I've seen are paved roads. This really can't be happening, we are held hostage to such a radical usurper that two more years maybe too late for America. I know the old saying Trust in God, that there is much good that come out of this. I want to believe that but my eyes and ears don't like to be fooled. How much more will we be able to withstand? Is there a bottom when it comes to failure? We need big results, bold leadership. This president is so full of it that we are left with obfuscation and platitudes. This scrawny community organizer never ran a business in his lifetime. He is beholden to radicals that don't want businesses to succeed. The government is the problem and he believes "I won", end of discussion.

I don't know if we can turn it around. I believe in the American people but if bold decisions are not made- calamity is coming. We need DEEP cuts now. Some Republicans talk 2.4 trillion in cuts over 10 years. That will not solve our immediate crisis. We've added that amount in two years. We need what Senator Rand Paul mentioned the other day- A $500 billion cut immediately: eliminate govt agencies, eliminate bureaucratic red tape, cut taxes on businesses and start rebuilding. I would go further and say cut $500 billion per year, a balanced budget amendment, and prosecute those people that have put this country in financial jeopardy: Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid, Obama. They want you to believe Bernie Maddoff is a thief. Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid and Obama have done more harm to the well being of Americans than Bernie is ever capable of.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A misguided hunting idea

Here's one for the record: I support hunting. I never did it myself; never owned a gun, never blasted a...wait. I did blast a couple blue jays when I was a teen in Michigan, but it was a friend's .12 gauge he handed to me way back in 1979. Maybe that counts.

But some hunting shouldn't happen at all, and this is one of them. Ladies and gentleman, meet two birds. The first is the sandhill crane (Grus canadensis), of much of North America. A bird with a 6-8 foot wingspan, light gray in color, with a red forehead. There's about 450,000 of those critters flying and wading about the continent, enough of them to cause hunts in various states. They taste like beef, say supporters. Imagine that...a bird that doesn't taste like chicken!

And Tennessee wants to do the same. 10,000 of the birds were counted early this month at a wildlife refuge, compared to about a dozen or so of the second bird I mentioned, the whooping crane (Grus americana). This bird also made the local news a few weeks ago, and it wasn't good. Whoopers pass by the Tennessee and other areas in the country twice a year, from a breeding location in Canada to summer refuges in Texas and Florida.

Why did I begin this as a nutty hunting idea, and why did I link the whoopers with the sandhills? In the first place, the link I provided for that December news story showed that anything flying can be a target to an ignorant hunter, and up in the sky a big light gray bird (Mr. Sandhill) can be mistaken for a big white bird (Mr. Whooper), especially when lighting conditions can make both appear gray. And whoopers have been known to fly with sandhills on migrations.

And in the second place, there's the numbers. The sandhill hunts won't do much to their numbers; they're pretty common and will remain so. But the whooping crane is the opposite; it is one of the rarest animals on the continent, numbering less than six hundred individual birds, and it took years to just get to that number from 1970, when the overall population was just one hundred. An ignoramous with a shotgun may not know - or care - about the difference between the two birds; a crane is a crane is a crane, and if one or the other can look good on a plate surrounded by cranberries, oh well.

Farm the sandhills like we do turkeys, and everything will be OK. But don't point a shotgun in the air on a new hunt, because there's a possibility that one of those birds will never be seen again.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A sort of suicide?

Read this link. It tells the sad tale of a man who lost his son to suicide. Sort of. He complains that his son got depressed after being blocked from Conservapedia, so depressed he killed himself. Sort of. And the father...well, he gets depressed and starts his depression on Wikipedia.

Imagine, if you will, that this is real, that the suicide had actually happened. It would be in the newspapers. It would be on TV. The news about it would be viral, and it would be nation-wide. How do I figure that? "CONSERVATIVE WEBSITE CAUSES MAN TO KILL HIMSELF" would be the screaming headline in big block letters; the mainstream media would have a field day from New York to Los Angeles; and Keith Olbermann would be in such a lather about it on his PMSNBC show that you could see the foam dribbling down the left side of his mouth. If there's anything to make conservatives look bad, this would be it. I can see Stephan Colbert staring down Andy again, with that goofy eyebrow of his lifted above those horn rim glasses.

But it didn't happen. The offender who made up the suicide - he calls himself "Sean Townsend" - comes from Columbia, Maryland. That is the location of the IP provided courtesy of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. The "son" called himself "CTown200" in Conservapedia, and got himself banned for offensive emails and other stuff in late November, 2010. There is absolutely no news of any kind regarding a suicide in Columbia between that date in November and January 5, 2011, the day "Sean Townsend" placed his rants in Wikipedia. Not a peep. No police reports, no insurance claims. And in the background, a dog barked.

And his IP? As I said, he comes from Columbia, Maryland. You'd expect a concerned father who had a problem child who off'd himself to get retribution from Conservapedia by some other means than to go to the nearest computer, but that's what he did. No telephone calls to Andy, none to his lawyer. The computer was to ensure he remained hidden and anonymous, which meant he didn't use the one at home.

He got on the one at the Howard County Library!

Did he pay his overdue book fines as well?