Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Liberals love hate

Don't you just love being right sometimes?

Oh the feeling of it all.  The debate.  The proof.  The clear victory.  The sight of your opponent being turned in to a whimpering blob of jelly before he screams obscenities at you.  That's when you know he lost the argument.  The obscenities.  The name-calling.  Good liberal stra-tee-gee.  Hurl the insults when you lose.

Like it really matters.

So, I'm sitting here and out comes the insults from a troll who's just got to hide his tracks in whatever part of the internet he has to hide in.  He must have lost the argument some time ago, so now he has to break into the site and say this collection of words that are classics from the self-proclaimed "tolerant" left:

Rot in hell, Jewboy. Also, have you completely stopped making any "constructive" edits? -h@xx0r1997 NamRed

Or this one:
This gets more fun each time I do it. Cry yourself to sleep Karajew -h@xxx0r1997 

Or this one:
Hey hey Karajew. How dey hangin? I'm having so much fun here. I'll stick around. -h@xx0r1997 Drgonzo

Or this one:
Aren't you tired of banning me? Not bad for a 50 year old technologically inept Navyfag. Actually pulling my IP. I'm a g0@ts3 exorcist from India.I can help with your jewg0ld problem. Sincerely, BobbySands

As you can tell from these, he's a hate-filled liberal with a bigotry problem.  Antisemitic.  He hates Jews.  Just like a Nazi.  Ain't it great?  A liberal Nazi has just proven our point.

We always hear from the liberal media just how tolerant liberals are.  Like Mylee...uh,, Mylar...that Cyrus kid, posted in a magazine today; she just had to strip down and call her own parents "conservative-ass mother--kers."  Why?  For the crime of being Christian, it seams.  That's the new thing these days, the tolerant, loving liberal left going after Christians.  Such a paradox. 

It is because they hate.  They hate with a passion that has no bounds.  They hate your thoughts, your speech, your religion, your property; if they can't steal it or burn it down, they try to elect some other clown to office so he could use a fountain pen to take it away.  And when these liberal clowns do cast that vote for their "man" to help run our lives into the ground, it is through this "man" that these individual liberals speak with their little minds as one mind.

A racist, hate-filled mind.

Just watch the video.  Former liberal Democrat Congressman Barney Frank and his "husband" and a bunch of others show off just how racist they really are. 

They offer watermelon to blacks for their votes.  They might as well pull out the "N"-word, such is their contempt for black Americans. 

But then again, they are the tolerant, loving liberal left.

They love hating so much it's disgusting.  Proving us to be right once again!

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