Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wackyland and Bowe Bergdahl

Imagine having a conversation with a liberal.  A died-in-the-wool liberal.  Or is that "dyed"?  Who knows with these clowns; everything is topsy-turvy with them.  What's up is down; bad is good; right is wrong; in is out...you get the picture.   Just what sort of people have these distorted viewpoints of the world?  Where do they get their training and education, if they indeed received any?  Just what on earth could drive someone to think that a convicted cop killer should get a free pass out of the slammer, while demanding that innocent babies be given the death penalty?

How about Wackyland?

Yesserie, Bob, it's Wackyland, the hap'nen place where liberals are born and raised (by one parent), and where they return annually during the spawning season to collect their welfare checks, or whenever they feel like a need for weed.

Wackyland, where Common Core is taught; where laws are written at the stroke of a pen before you even know it, let alone see it; where you have to pay for your "free" health care.

Wackyland is where the nuts run the asylum; where the cops are in jail and the criminals run the courts; where the "feel-good" crowd insists on spending money someone else earned.  Where you can get sued because the "feel-good" crowd doesn't like your Christianity.

Wackyland, where a deserter from the battlefield is a hero.

You read that right: a deserter from the United States Army is a hero to the denizens of Wackyland.  This comes from the same mentality of the nut-jobs who spit on the soldiers returning home from Vietnam.  Go back in time about a year ago.  Corporal Bowe Bergdahl has been held captive for five years by the Taliban, then got swapped in a trade for five Gitmo detainees (terrorists, for those of you in Otisburg) in May, 2014.  National Security Advisor Susan Rice had this to say:

"He served the United States with honor and distinction..."

The Obama Adminstration states that the swap for the terrorists was "worth it".

And the soldiers who served...excuse me...Soldiers, with a capital "S"...served with the soldier Bergdahl, the individual who doesn't deserve that capital "S"?  They declared him a deserter from day one, when he decided on his own to leave his platoon (proven); abandon his weapons (proven); leave his gear in a nice pile (proven); send emails to family stating how he dislikes America (proven), and for their efforts they were branded LIARS from the looney left, aka the Adminstration.  Didn't another member of the Wackyland hall of shame - Jane Fonda - do the same thing to American servicemen returning from Vietnamese prison camps, when they complained of being tortured?

But wait, there's more.  Mullah Mohammad Fazl, Mullah Norullah Noori, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Khairullah Khairkhwa and Mohammed Nabi Omari were the terrorists traded for the deserter.  Remember, these guys are the ones that were "worth it".  Battlefield commanders traded for a lowly corporal; terrorists committed to attacking and killing Americans traded for someone who deserted Americans.

But wait, there's a little bit more.   Guess what exploded in the Middle East last year?  Could it be ISIS?  And didn't ISIS include a few Americans in some head-chopping lessons?  And the special guest star - just one of the terrorists who was "worth it" - is Mullah Mohammed Fazi, who is right now in a leadership position within ISIS and happily engaged in mass slaughter, courtesy of the Obama Adminstration.

Really worth it?

Unfortunately for the denizens of Wackyland, smarter heads prevailed.  The Army has brought formal charges of desertion against Bergdahl, which makes Rice's "...served with honor and distinction" comment look incredibly stupid.  But that's the educational level of the liberal left: lots of fluff, no substance, heavy on the stupid sauce, and common sense thrown out the window.

But remember, this is Wackyland, that hap'nen place run by the looney left.  Facts just don't matter.

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