Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hot Time in Antarctica?

Oh goody, the big news is in for the global warming crowd.

Antarctica sets a temperature record.  It's a whopping 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit down there!

People can now flock to Antarctica in their thongs now, and do some surfing, sun bathing, kayaking, saving some whales, whatever pleases the liberal crowd these days.  Maybe they can grow a crop of weed while they're at it as well, and spray the stuff with penguinicide; those fat, weable birds just love getting into that stuff.

Yesserie, it's big news.  The liberal rag TIME covered it immediately, "all thanks to global warming" they said.  It beat a record set yesterday at the same spot (63.3 deg. F), and both beat a record set more than 50 years before...in 1961.

But what's important about this story is what's missing, and what's kinda buried at the bottom of it.

Buried at the bottom is the location.  These libby rags want to imply that it's the whole continent that's warming up, rather than that little-bitty place they took the temp reading from: Esperanza Base, which is at the tip of Graham Land, Antarctic peninsula.  Esperanza is a permanent civilian settlement; that's "people live there" for those of you in Otisburg.  The coordinates for Esperanza are 63°24'S 56°59'W, which places it north of the Antarctic Circle, and roughly 600 miles from Punta Arenas, Chile (that's in South America, for those of you in Otisburg) and that part of this explanation is also important.

This image is from Wikipedia for the article on Base Esperanza.  It's listing temperatures on average for given months; the top line indicates record high temps for a particular month, and with the exception of March (as in today's new record), the remaining temps have no dates given.  The second line is the average high temps, and for the months of October through March, these temps average in the 30's.  That's in Fahrenheit, for those of you in Otisburg.  Like it or not, it is going to have those average high temps, and maybe a little more, due to its location north of the Antarctic Circle. 

What is missing from this story is something that the liberal writers hope you are overlooking.  December 21 through March 22 is winter time up here.  In the United States.  In Canada.  In Britain.

It is SUMMER down in Antarctica.  The ice retreats during that time; the ice melts during that time.  And these liberal nutjobs want you to ignore that one small fact while they head down there and spout to the whole world that the ice is disappearing.

The ice will come back in a month or two.  You can count on it.  And you can count on the same liberal nutjobs packing up and heading north to whine about the retreating ice at the North Pole...during the Arctic summer!

Hope they bring enough sunscreen to share with some polar bears!

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