Thursday, January 23, 2014

Intellectual trailer trash

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati playing chess in Kansas.

In the past we at Conservapedia have put out evidence that the theory of evolution is nothing but hocus-pocus gobbledygook.  For the layman, those two words aptly describe the subject; for the researcher, the scientist, the investigator, the theory simply does not hold up to scrutiny.  Yet there are those out there that believe in it so much they not only will refuse to see the evidence against it, they will try their best to shut it down and shut up anyone who believes otherwise.  In fact, one desperate nutcase out of Melbourne, Australia is currently using DDoS attacks in an effort to shut down the site, all because he was not allowed to force his pro-evolution stance on us more than six years ago.

As I said, evolution does not hold up to scrutiny; when tested it fails.  The details presented in every textbook are based on dogma and assumption.  Their scenario goes something like this: "Here's the first known birdy, archaeopterix," one says, pointing to the fossilized remains of that little critter. "And if you look at these wings with their little claws on them, well that's proof that they came from a dinosaur."

"How do you know they came from a dinosaur?" asks one dissenter.

"Well, have to look at the bones here in the wrist."

"Then how come the pubic bone in the pelvis isn't pointing backwards?"

"Why you little #$^#^* peice of #%^%@$!!  How dare you interupt me teaching about our glorious ancestry with you #^%# little #^&&$# innuendoes and religious %$*^# garbage!"

"That's an come you can't see it?"

"Outta my classroom, you $^^$^% little &(*%$, and don't come back!"

And that's the way it is with the pro-evolution crowd.  Confront them with facts, and they go nuts.  They go into insults and name-calling.  Do they even bother to attempt to check up on their own assertions?  No.  Some years ago this writer had a conversation with an atheist online, who was dead-sure that Jesus was complete and total fiction.  He knew, he said, because he studied the history and archaeology of the Middle East intently during that particular period of time.  I asked him a pointed question: "Who was Josephus?"  He could not answer, because he didn't know.  I told him that if he indeed studied the history of the Middle East as he said he did he would have run smack-dab into Flavius Josephus, author of Antiquities of the Jews, the most-cited example of Biblical history and archaeology outside of the Bible itself...and he went ballistic when confronted with his own lack of education on the subject.  Went from being an imaginary scholar right to intellectual trailer trash.

Oh well.  So it goes.

And on the intellectual level we have scientists who have actually done an investigation into the matter, found out the results, and have had bulls-eyes painted on their backs ever since.  You would think that liberals - they do believe in liberty, don't they; it's where the word "liberalism" comes from - would be tolerant of such men and women, but since when do liberals believe in tolerance?  When it comes to God, the Bible, Christianity, and the Creation, liberals are the most intolerant of people on earth.  Case in point: Dr. Jonathan Sarfati.  Got his PhD from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand (home of another anti-Conservapedia-hate-filled atheist); wrote many books and peer-reviewed scientific papers; and was the New Zealand chess champion.  he wrote Refuting Evolution, of which you could read a chapter here.  Now, you would think that such a man who thinks for himself (chess is a game for thinkers), who educated himself, who is a published writer would have a bit more respect in the scientific community, but no.  Liberals demand that you think their way, or you're toast.

And the name-calling?

The so-called "No Answers in Genesis" website calls him a "propagandist".
The "Creationist Idiocy" blog calls him the "moron of the month".
When he gave a lecture at the University of British Columbia, some attendees wore shirts which said  “Creationism: a Philosophy of Ignorance”.
A blogger with an over-use of the word "stupid" directed against him and other creationists in general.

And the "intellectuals" infesting Otisburg...what do they have to say about Dr. Sarfati?

"Jonathan Sarfati is an angry man who is a vocal proponent of Young Earth Creationism. Despite his own insistence on using logic he often resorts to emotional appeals and name calling."

Never-mind the fact that Otisburg is a place is filled with angry "men" who resort to emotional appeals and name calling against anyone for anything...but they wouldn't know what that was, would they?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what intellectual trailer trash is all about.

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