Friday, July 12, 2013

Talk about your love of coat hangers!

Liberals are a backwards lot.

Killing innocent children before birth is fine.  Executing death row inmates is not.  This is explained quite clearly in the attitude of one Sarah Slamen, speaking at the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services just a few days ago:

For the record, she is opposed to House Bill 2, which changes some rules regarding an abortion, namely that it will "prohibit abortions in the 20th week of pregnancy, require clinics to meet extensive requirements to certify as surgical centers, further regulate the distribution of abortion-inducing drugs and require doctors to gain admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of an abortion clinic."

Ms. Slamen thinks her rights are being violated, so she's going to move to lib-friendly New York, where they execute unborn kids and don't have a death row for convicted murderers.  Basically put, she's proudly announcing that instead of saying NO all the free sex she wants, she's going to end whatever pregnancies that may happen, and she's bound and determined to end them in a clinic that is less sanitary than the men's john at the local convenience store.

The ironic part about HB2 is that it doesn't end abortions.  Come on, you're a lib woman reading this; you just had a one-nighter with the boys of the band - with mary-janes included - and you want to kill off, er, remove the resulting mistake before the parents find out, right?

Than what's wrong with finding out that what you're removing is a baby, and not a pile of cells?
Than what is wrong with ensuring you have a bona-fide doctor doing it, and not a quack?
Than what is wrong with having the same standards in an abortion clinic that currently exist in a hospital's emergency room?
Than what is wrong with having a drug tested so thoroughly it could not possibly harm the one taking it?

Seems to me that HB2 is meant for the health and well-being of the woman seeking an abortion, but some people are so dense in their own beliefs that they cannot see the forest for the trees, even if the run head-first into one.  They talk about going back to the back alley, coat hanger days, where the conditions were as unpleasant and unsanitary as...

Well, that's what Ms. Slamen and her ilk are demanding right now.  We should leave the filthy, quack-infested abortion clinics alone.  We should abandon HB2.

Maybe the abortion clinics have former death row inmates on parole, cleaning them every other night.


It seems my little blog entry about this subject is rather spot-on, and this one is coming from Delaware.  Liberals do prefer filthy, hazardous conditions in abortion clinics; in fact, I'd be willing to bet that they would rather drop dead themselves over having a clean, sanitary facility forced on them by some mean-ol pro-life Republican!

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