Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Critical thinking: so who's really close-minded?

In the 1978 film Superman, we are introduced to Lex Luthor, whose first spoken words are delivered without seeing his face.  He's sitting in front of a monitor screen, watching his henchman Otis make his way to the secret lair from the subway, and he has this to say about the hapless Otis:

"It's amazing that brain can generate enough power to keep those legs moving!"

Here I sit wondering the same thing about liberals in general, and certain ones from another parasitical website.  For instance, in response to the last posting I made, a self-described "well-informed" critic said this about the owl butterfly: "The Owl Butterfly doesn't scare of predators because it looks like an owl. It scares them off because of its high contrast. That fact that it "looks" like an owl is a human invention (or your god made it like that as a goof)."  High contrast, yeah right.  He's spot-on there.  And he and his pals accuse me of being close-minded?  Suffice it to say, I won't mention the source of that quote, but I will say that they are so attached to Conservapedia and this blog like parasites that they've become too dimwitted to realize that with every click they make, I'm getting a little richer!

One of them said I am afraid of science.  I'll call him Otis.  Not his real name, of course, but after reading his "rants" on that other site, it fits.  Apparently, Otis also knows my favorite colors, what I drive, current hair length, what brand of telescope is in my back yard.  I bet he got his information from Madame Zazzu, his local fortune teller.  You know Madame Zazzu: ugly fake-Gypsy lady, sits near a crystal ball with a babushka bandana around her head, big hoop earrings, and an outstretched hand looking to get that fast twenty bucks from our "very-knowledgeable" friend Otis, who looks to have the winning lottery numbers in addition to getting as much accurate info about me as he can get.  Otis is also too stupid to realize that ugly fake-Gypsy ladies with babushka bandanas and crystal balls are going to make their money the easy way, because if they did have the winning lottery numbers, you think they would give that info to a dimwit like Otis?  Which negates the accurate info about me as well.

Yesserie, Otis...click that mouse...play parasite...be stupid...increase my earnings.

So, Madame Zazzu's crystal ball is my guess where Otis got his info that I am afraid of science, because it is from the lairs of stupid people that other stupid people get their ideas.  I can comfortably say that his allegation is completely and totally false.  What he and his like-minded buddies are actually worried about is our criticisms of science, specifically those parts of science which are proven false in many ways to sundown.  They don't like that.  They don't like false science being exposed for what it actually is, and that is the bottom line with my previous blog posting, which led to one of Otis' pals to act like he's an authority on butterflies and make an incredibly-stupid guess that a butterfly just created a high contrast sheen on its wings, when the design and its own behavior state that it's an imitation of the face of an owl. That's observed behavior.  You know...the first step of the Scientific Method.  Otis and his pals do know how to carry out those steps within that method, or is doing something like that beyond their intelligence?

Did I also mention that the "well-informed" critic above also assumed God made a goof?  He admitted God exists.  I wonder if he's got God's number in his cell...no, wait, atheists don't believe in God; they would rather act like parasites and idiots than admit God exists.

Unfortunately for these idiots - and they are idiots - that is what critical thinking is all about.  It's the ability to use your head for something other than a hat rack.  But I don't think they will ever progress beyond that stage, because it takes a lot more than a crow bar to get a dunce cap off of a close-minded idiot.

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