Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today's Republican Party: A Spine is Needed

First, Obama won, and Romney conceded.  The election is over, and it's four more years of Mr. Transparency.

Second, the Republican Party is to blame for this.  They had victory in their pockets several months ago, but they chose not to stand by their people during controversial remarks, such as what happened with Todd Akin.  They chose to tolerate moderates, such as Scott Brown.  They chose to act like they wanted to be liked, instead of acting on the principles set by Abe Lincoln.

The Republicans abandoned the conservative base.

Third, Obama had his goon squads out in force.  There was a lot more to this election than a fair fight; their was rampant voter fraud from illegals, the dead, union thugs spreading intimidation, and so on.

So, here's what's going to happen during the next four years...

We all will be paying higher taxes, thanks to Obamacare.  Well, almost all.  It seems the Democrats who voted for the thing have exempted themselves from it, including Obama.  And not paying taxes includes the lazy on welfare; we're stuck supporting their lifestyles as well.

We're going to see the Armed Forces reduced to a shell of what it once was.  The country will be facing the possibility of being wide-open to an attack or invasion from a hostile force, and countries like China, North Korea, and Iran are becoming more belligerent.  Russia has already demonstrated that it can send a submarine undetected into the Gulf of Mexico, knowing that we don't have the resources anymore for carrying out what was once routine.  Apparently, it's more vital to put the gay lifestyle on a carrier than it is to train to win a war.

Benghazi will be footnoted and forgotten.  Brian Terry's murder - and the hundreds of Mexicans murdered as a result of Fast and Furious - will be swept under the rug.  But the Christian who is protesting Obama's birth control policies?  You can make a safe bet that he'll be thrown in jail, and his First Amendment rights flushed down the nearest toilet.

And it's all because the Republican Party abandoned the conservative base.

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