Thursday, February 22, 2018

Those Pesky Conspiracy Details

From Reddit

A few days ago we had a nutjob of a loser walk into a school and shoot eighteen people dead and wound many more.

I'm going to have you read it again.

A few days ago we had a NUTJOB OF A LOSER walk into a school and shoot eighteen people dead and wound many more. 

This article is not going to debate the merits of the case, or whether or not something needed to be done beforehand, or the Second Amendment.  That's for later.

The problem in this case, as well as many others of a similar nature, is that before the cops put up the crime scene tape the conspiracy theories pop out.  They don't help one bit except to advance someone's agenda.  Never let a crisis go to waste, the current mayor of Chicago once said, and they are taking full advantage of it.  Unfortunately this appears to be the case regarding the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida, and it's specifically centered on a high school student named David Hogg.

The theory goes something like this:

Immediately after the shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018, some people were interviewed by news agencies, among them Hogg.  It was claimed that Hogg was giving scripted answers, like he was coached as to what to say.  Then someone else posted a photo of Hogg from his high school yearbook with the claim that he graduated from Redondo Shores High School in California in 2015, thus making Hogg into a paid professional crisis actor pretending to be one of the many survivors at Marjory Stoneman in Florida.  The photo in question is at the top of this page.

Now, I do not know David Hogg personally.  What I do know is that he is - yes, HE IS - a bonafide student at Marjory Stoneman; he is a senior and is expected to graduate.

There are two things about this picture that are as plain as day as to just how wrong these conspiracy theories are.  The first is the photos from that page.  Hogg is lined up nice and neat with others from that school, and it's exactly what one would expect from freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.  There's none of the formality or size that is expected from a set of senior photos, had this been Hogg's graduating class in 2015.  So we needed to see the whole book, and we weren't disappointed.  It's Marjory Stoneman, folks, not Redondo Shores.  That part of the conspiracy theory is officially and decisively debunked...and with it goes the rest of that garbage.

And the second thing.  Conspiracy theories certainly sprouted up like weeds around Hogg, in addition to the silly crisis actor allegation, and the left wants to blame the right for it all; certainly, they'd be correct in stating this for the most part here, as there are those on the right who are not immune from doing completely stupid things.  But this little theory started from somewhere, and the source is in the picture above.

The Laguna Beach ANTIFA.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Liberal Lies Just Pile Up

Liberals going to DAPL.  Note the hypocrisy here.

Whenever a liberal opens his or her mouth on any given subject, expect the truth to be the opposite of what comes out.  Liberals are liars; there are no exceptions.  It's part of who and what they are.  Take senior citizens and fixed incomes for example.  Liberals have said for years and years that seniors have been forced to eat pet food because they cannot afford to buy normal groceries, yet not once have I ever seen these people hang out in the pet food isle at the local Kroger. 

Now, there's this bear.  A polar bear to be exact, and it was starving. The photo was taken in the Svalbard Islands off Norway, which is north of the Arctic Circle, in August, 2015; the article itself is dated the following September.  The writer of the article wanted everyone to believe that the bear was starving as a result of global warming melting the ice up there, causing hearts to melt, with the accompanying liberal whining that a bunch of greedy capitalists are causing the pollution which causes the earth to heat up that melts the ice and so on. 

Never mind the fact that it was SUMMER up in the Arctic when that picture was taken.
Never mind the fact that this particular bear was the ONLY bear looking like that.
Never mind the fact that there were many other bears up there that DIDN'T look like that.
Never mind the fact that the Norwegian Polar Institute recorded a 42% bear population increase on Svalbard less than three months later, which means there were quite a few bears near that photographer when the starving bear posed for the camera.

Why let pesky facts get in the way of their narrative?

And then there's the pollution.  They claim that capitalists are the ones polluting, which just couldn't be further from the truth.  Remember that little event a short time ago up in North Dakota?  A bunch of whiney liberals protesting the possible pollution that would come from a pipeline yet to be built?  Well, they trashed the place.  Yesserrie, Bob, those same whiney we-can't-tolerate-pollution liberals left tons of trash at the place they were protesting from, including over twenty abandoned cars, over twenty abandoned dogs (like, they really care about animals as well) and rather morbidly, one human body.  Hey, sharks don't treat their own kind as well, so why not liberals!

And even their "utopia" of liberalness - San Fransisco, California - is wallowing in self-deposited filth.  Never mind the fact that it's a sanctuary city where Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal the city had coddled; never mind the fact that violent crime is seriously under-reported.  The city just can't hide the trash being thrown onto the ground to be seen by every Tom, Dick, and Yoshi who happens to pay the town a visit, and this trash includes a great deal of evidence that San Fransisco turned their own town into an open-air potty place - yes, the city has authorized the common bum to take a dump in public, with drug use as a side-show.  That's a really great boost for the tourism industry there, isn't it?

And these same clowns want to run the country?

So this just begs a question, which comes right back to the liberal lie of seniors and their taste for pet food: do they like canned or dry?

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Loser in the Basement

This clown got caught, and now he's the subject of a meme.

Trolling has gone on since the first cavemen objected to the wall art displayed by Slag Bucklerock and family way back when, so it's no surprise that the modern version has to sit down and bang away on a keyboard.  They don't like someone's looks; gotta troll her.  They don't like someone's lifestyle, gotta troll him.  They don't like someone's success, gotta troll him.  They don't like someone's politics, gotta troll him.

Meanwhile, the people who are actually being trolled are still looking good, still enjoying a lifestyle, still  enjoying great success, and still being influential, as if whatever the trolls are doing doesn't matter at all.

And the trolls?

Why, they are still sitting at their keyboards complaining away, amassing a great deal of fat from all the cheeseburgers and Oreo cookies they're wolfing down.  Many of them are not adult enough to get off those chairs and do something positive with their lives.

Which leads to this guy.  A loser in a basement if their ever was one.  He's got to come into Conservapedia and issue rape and death threats.  Apparently something went wrong in his (or her) life and has to blame everyone else around him, but he's got to lay into a specific target, namely the users in Conservapedia.  Why Conservapedia?  Why would he lay into this particular wiki site, when there are hundreds of others to choose from?  Does he hate God?  Does he hate conservatives?  Christians? The family?

We think he's in need of psychiatric help, in addition to other basic needs.  Granted, this writer doesn't claim to have knowledge of basic psychiatry (unlike the claims made by Otisburg residents), but the list of user names he has generated under this IP address ( strongly indicates that he has to have some of those basic needs met.

Such as a need for toilet paper:


Or a need for a large amount of Viagra:


Or maybe he just needs to be really, really nice to girls:

Karajou is a cunt

But it is comments such as this, and this, and especially this, and others like them that can lead to more serious problems.  I mean, with those comments and user names like "1990'sguyrapeskids" and "1990sguycumstokids" is this individual a pedophile?  Is he a child rapist?  Does he collect and share child porn?  And since one of those postings indicated access to military weaponry, does he intend to go on a killing rampage?  After all, he sits in a basement in his underwear all day, typing on his keyboard the worst his little mind can muster, and in this day and age with liberalism wrecking everything it touches including his little mind, none of us knows what will step out of that basement.

Here's the thing about this kind of troll.  He may think he can get away with it; after all, we're a conservative, Christian website, everything that liberals hate, and under Obama attacks against both were the norm.  But, as indicated by the recent mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida in which complaints were sent to law enforcement - and not followed up on - that may be changing.  The new president is extremely angry that the Feds never bothered to follow up on the Parkland allegations, so expect some changes.

Which means that the days of fat losers typing out violent threats from damp basements may be over.

Small update...

The loser is still in his basement, still being a loser, and still trying his jim-dandiest to be one of them internet tough guys.  He just had to post another death threat on my talk page via Stamford, Connecticut ( a little checking proved that his threatening "message" was just a cut-and-paste of his previous two "messages", which were also cut-and-pastes of a seriously-desperate wannabe Marine or Soldier or SEAL as early as 2010...and the original writer of that idiotic tune was most likely a boot camp washout in his second week, if not a recruiting office reject.  Cheeseburgers do that.

Which means that not only is our basement loser still a loser, he suffers from unoriginal thinking as well.  Copying someone else's idiotic rant just to be a tough guy isn't the way to do it, especially when he's stupid enough to have law enforcement breathing down his neck very shortly.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Harvey's Border Problem

Hurricane Harvey (NASA)
In a nutshell, and you can look it all up via Google or Bing or Yahoo or whatever trips your trigger, the loony, leftist liberal side of the fence has run into the ground states and cities that they are in control of; California is tens of billions of dollars in debt; Illinois may be the first state to file for bankruptcy; Detroit has lost two thirds of its population; Flint has poisoned its own water supply; Chicago has sky-high murder rates; Ferguson and Baltimore were nearly burned down to the ground.  And to this they added assaults and murders of police officers nationwide, the censorship and blacklisting and punishment of anyone who opposes their ideology (that's called "McCarthyism"), the removal of statues because they hate American history...and going hand in hand with this removal is the new violent terrorist wing of the Democratic Party, a collection of leftist thugs calling itself Antifa. 

And to think the Dem's terroristic wing used to be the Ku Klux Klan.

Of course the clowns that be are going to provide excuses as to why all that is so, and they'll blame everyone and their brothers for it all, everyone but themselves.  It's part of the liberal superiority complex.  Their way of thinking is just sooooooo superior to everyone elses.  So drink up, Flint; better brains than yours "improved" your water!

So, what happened this past Friday night, August 25, 2017?  Hurricane Harvey made landfall.  A category-3 windbag came ashore near Corpus Christi, Texas, hung around for a bit, flooded Houston, and generally made life miserable for a lot of people. While Harvey was raging the ACLU made a demand to the United States Border Patrol that they close any and all checkpoints within Texas.  "As people seek refuge from Hurricane Harvey," they said,  "they are likely to have to go north or west of Texas and would have to go through a checkpoint. By keeping checkpoints open, the Border Patrol is putting undocumented people and mixed-status families at risk out of fear of deportations."

Which of course brought in a liberal clown named Ginny.  According to her (maybe it's a guy, who knows) line of reasoning we are totally wrong for insinuating that these poor undocumented immigrants (remember, these libs just cannot be bothered with the word "illegal") are being sent north into the path of a hurricane.  They're being forced to go north to check in at a border check point some 80 miles north of the border, where the hurricane is, and that's just plain silly.  Those check points are no where near the border.  How dare you insinuate those illega...those innercent migrants were sent by the ACLU to their potential deaths in Harvey's diabolical clutches...why I oughtta call you filthy words while I watch a Grand Prix race spewing out lots of pollution, the enviro-mentalist that I am!

The liberal clowns like Ginny need to get some things through their cement-encrusted heads.  First, this is the United States of America, a sovereign nation - they do remember that phrase, as they used it multiple times about how we shouldn't go into Iraq, which was a "sovereign nation".  We do have a right to our own borders.  And we do have a right to protect those borders and prevent anyone from coming in because they feel like it. 

Second, common sense - COMMON SENSE - states that to prevent yourself from getting steamrolled by a hurricane YOU PACK UP AND GET AWAY FROM IT!  The ACLU statement above indicates their own belief that these illegals will be forced to head some 80 miles north of the border - after they broke into the country - to check into a U.S. Border Patrol check point during a hurricane.  From where they have come from the best way to avoid that hurricane is south, back to where they came from, but neither the ACLU nor Ginny were present when common sense was handed out at the local food mart.  Common sense is apparently something that they boycott in droves.

Third, neither the ACLU nor their new stooge Ginny will ever get it through their heads that anyone illegally breaking into the country will bother themselves to check into a Border Patrol check point.  It's not going to happen.  Juan Sanchez and Manuel Ricardo are not going to cross the Rio Grande and think that it's mandatory for them to journey another 80 miles to a silly check point and announce "Hola seniors, we just broke in; can you direct us to a good hacienda in Missouri?"  Not going to happen, not even during a hurricane.

And to think that we are the bad guys for even complaining about their garbage!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Change Your Way of Thinking, OR ELSE!

Conservapedia is a wiki, which means it's open to editing on any given subject, just like any other wiki-based website.  But Conservapedia is conservative and Christian, which means, like the Christian baker in Oregon, there's going to be a bunch of left-wing, hate-filled clowns who will come over and attempt to force us to change our way of thinking.  Like what was said here, by a jerk who thinks he can use harassment, threat, and intimidation to get his way:

"The mission:
- infiltrate this (vulgar language censored) wiki by overwhelming it with vandals
- lower morale so that even the parodists here are sick of it.
- Continue until Andrew Schlafly and Ken Demyer and Karajoo die off like TK did.
- Liberate freedom and reality under a new leader."

Judging from the times this and similar edits were made, this little clown is jobless, lives in his parent's basement, expects freebies because he refuses to earn a short, just your typical left-wing nutcase who's shouting to the world the fact that we - meaning us as conservative Christians - are actually right, he is wrong, and he's too stupid to know the difference.  And to top it off he's hoping some of us get killed, which says a lot about his brand of liberal "tolerance and love", which of course is non-existent.  So, if you want a good case of the pities, just watch Conservapedia daily because he will be back to spout off on his daily "liberal tolerance and love" routine. 

And he'll still prove us to be right all the time.

Outside of the confines of a wiki, we have similar things going on, and they're all related.  In Oregon a Christian baker was sued by a lesbian couple for her refusal to bake a cake - a cake that was meant to celebrate a homosexual lifestyle, something the baker was against.  The lesbian couple demanded the baker change her way of thinking.  In Kentucky, and Christian county clerk was jailed for refusing to issue a marriage license to a gay couple, again, something that went directly against her Christian beliefs.  And again, there was a demand for this clerk to change her way of thinking.  And it's happening to other bakers, other clerks, photographers, bed-and-breakfast owners, etc.

As if the First Amendment doesn't exist.

So, we got "religious rights" bills being considered for several states, with the nay-sayers of the liberal left crying foul; those bills are all about discriminating against the LGBT crowd, instead of what they are actually meant to be: protecting a Christian's First Amendment rights should that person reject service to a gay or lesbian when that service directly violates that person's religious beliefs.  If the bills don't get passed, then we will have more cases of "You're going to help celebrate our gay wedding whether you like it or not" routine.

Change your way of thinking, or else, they say.

Well, we Christians already have an answer, and the answer is NO.  It is you liberal lefties - and not us - who need to change your way of thinking.  Period.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Once KGB, Always KGB but....

I have to admit that I hate to support Vladimir Putin. They guy is anti-Democracy at heart as evident by his devotion to Communist USSR of the past. Do people grow and change? Of course, but you know the more things change, the more they stay the same. With that said, I find myself on the same side as Putin on issue after issue. I can actually cheer for his policies time and time again. Meanwhile, there is nothing I can cheer about Obama, nothing in the least. Not one iota.

The Russian people are as free as they ever been in the last 100+ years. The Russian government has moved so far from the USSR that they have a market-based economy. While the transition appears Democratic, it is not. The United Russia party is essentially a one-party government. Putin leads it, then backs successor Medvedev who leads it, then Putin returns to power. At the end of that term, look for Medvedev to return to power. The government of Russia is fiercely nationalist and that has led to taking territory from Georgia, from Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Unsettling and not in the least but not a concern to the national security of the USA. Then there is the the jailing of opponents, the death of opponents abroad, the killing of journalists, and who can forget the arming of Iran?

Where I draw praise for Putin is very important and matters much to me. Christianity is strongly encouraged and pushed. Abortion is outlawed, homosexuality is not permitted a voice. The defense of Christians in the Middle East is more than just symbolic. They are taking an active role in defeating ISIS. Unlike our commander that pussyfoots around, lies, deflects and can't even call a terrorist a terrorist. Obama fights harder against the political right than he does against ISIS. Our president pushes anti-Christian policies, encourages moral breakdown,  an abortion fanatic, a gay-supporting fanatic, a supporter of illegal aliens over American citizens. Obama is a deceitful character that steps on the Constitution and the legacy of a great nation founded by great people. If he could, Obama would hand over this nation to the U.N. in a heartbeat. 500 days left in office will feel like another 7 years in power and is just as dangerous if not more so to the country. He has been wrong so many times, he just might start a war from his incompetence (Search Google about Obama's policy in the South China Sea and his enabling the Iranians to develop nuclear capacity as examples.)

The West is deteriorating rapidly and their leaders are drunk and corrupt. Here comes Putin this week with more sanity than all of them combined, Global Warming is a fraud. I can support that and I do.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Fool Said in his Heart

Like it or not, it is a proven fact - and I do mean PROVEN in all caps - that liberals are mentally deranged nutjobs.  Preaching about a love for the environment while throwing trash on a highway; screaming about censorship while they burn books they don't like; claiming the "science is settled" on global warming when the actual scientific evidence states otherwise.

If you want to know just how brain-dead liberals are, here's a video of then signing a petition in which they know absolutely nothing about, except it's got Obama all over it:

And this one, in which they're more than happy to get rid of free speech, free assembly, and everything else covered by the First Amendment:

These are liberals, people.  They believe in stupidity, and making sure others feel their brand of stupid as well.  So if you want a police state based on the Orwellian model, they'll do that too:

And they're very serious on their stupidity.  They support illiteracy in the schools; they actually want stupid kids:

Is there any difference at all between those videos, and this next one?  It's a government police state, doing exactly what the uneducated (read: liberal) masses wanted.

What happened earlier today is a prime example of just how brain-dead liberals are.  Into the site comes a clown who called himself "CedricD".  His IP address is from Great Britain.  For those of you in Otisburg, he's British.  Got it?

He's got to rag on the site as to what he thinks is our intelligence level, and he's got to play around in the articles about Adolf Hitler.  Among his edits is this, what he claims is what the Paper-Hanger was:

"Accept it, he was a christian right winger who criticised (sic) conservatives for being lefties."

Yes, he thinks bad'ol Adolf was Christian, and from the right. 

I won't get into what Adolf was at that time; at the present time he's busy doing his paper-hanging far below, hoping to keep the fires at bay - yeah, he's roasting in hell for those of you in Otisburg.  And if he was Christian, like "CedricD" claimed, he wouldn't be in hell at all.

"A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left."  Ecclesiastes 10:2.  That alone rules out the "right" claim he made for Nazism.

He also said this, again, in one of his trolling rants, and yes, it is based on absolute ignorance:

"Oh I see, Hitler was a liberal because he was a National SOCAILIST (sic) and socialist = liberal. The people of North Korea must have a lot of freedom in their DEMOCRATIC People's Republic. Liberal is an extension of the word liberty but you accuse us of being totalitarian. Conservative has it roots in the word conserve but you conserve nothing! Refuse to conserve the planet and its resources, refuse to conserve life with your gun control and military aggressive stances. Face it, your ideology is dying and the sooner the better. As I said, how about some well rounded comment?"

Not much to argue with here.  After all, every one of these lines "CedricD" said has been successfully refuted, but...well, you just can't fix stupid!

Might as well argue with a rock!